Opening Day is Here! – Opening Day Ceremony Starts at 9AM!

To begin I would like to thank everyone for their support during the 2009 Fundraiser this past Saturday. Like always it was a great success and we hope you and your guests had a good time. We look forward to seeing you guys again next year.
But, now the 2009 Season is here and all of the trash talking these past few weeks will need more than just words. There’s tremendous rivalries in this league as teams beefed up their offensive and defensive squads. The break up of the Bronx Knights has added most of the fuel behind these acquisitions and so we’re left with a bitter sweet story.
Also, I would like to introduce the newest member of our Stickball family the New Jersey Saints. They’ve been playing in Manhattan (Spanish Harlem) for years and also played against the Ravens last year in the Inter-League championship after winning the “chip” in the Manhattan League. Let’s welcome the Saints with open arms and show them some tough love on opening day. (hope this helps)
Without further delay, here is this Sunday’s schedule :
—-Field 1—-
10am: Royals Vs Starling AC (Bandits Ump)
11am: Bandits Vs Leland (Saints)
12pm: Gold Vs Saints (Stem)
—-Field 2—-
10am: Stem Vs Ravens (Leland)
11am: Gold Vs Royals (Ravens)
12pm: Emperors Vs Leland (Royals)
—-Field 3—-
10am: Emperors Vs Saints (Gold)
11am: Starling AC Vs Stem (Emperors)
12pm: Ravens Vs Bandits (Starling AC)

We see some good rivalries going on this weekend, so we’re hitting the ground running from day one! So, bring the kids, the family and all your friends as we kick off the start of the 2009 season. Take care and see you soon.
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