Playoff Interview – Rich Marrero

Rich Marrero (Left) and Ed Betances from The Gold

For the playoffs, I decided to interview two team captains from the top seeded playoff teams. This particular interview is with Rich Marrero, team captain from the defending champions, The Gold.

Q. Congratulations on your first place finish. Is this where you saw your team at the beginning of the season?

A. Yes

Q. How many years have you been involved with stickball?

A. 25 years now. I started with the Emperors. Ralph Martinez and I won about 4 or 5 championships with them.

Q. Do you miss playing at all?

A. Yes I do miss the competition of the game at times.

Q4. How many years are you leading this team?

A. Ralph and I started The Gold 20 years ago. As you know, we have won 39 chips with The Gold. That puts us at 43 or 44 as players and captains/managers.

Q. What drives you to coach and lead this team year in and year out?

A. Well this is not only my team, this is my family. Would you ever leave your family?

Q. Is all the pressure on The Gold to win it all again?

A. Yes, we are a top team. So the pressure is on us to win.

Q. What challenges has this team overcome during the season?

A. Well, losing Albie was big for us but thank God we got a great young man named Josh that can do the job just as good.

Q. Which team provides the greatest threat to The Gold?

A. There is not one team we have to look out for. There are allot of good teams we have to look out for.

Q. Who is your team’s MVP?

A. My MVP is one because not one man can win, it takes a team to win so my MVP is one. The team.

Q. Why did you pick Field #2 for your first round of games?

A. I picked field #2 because it is a hitters field and if my team hits, there’s no team that can bet us on that field.

Thank you, Rich Gold 45
Thanks Rich for your time. -Ron