Playoff Match ups!

Congratulations to the Leland Legends for holding onto first place this entire 2009 regular season. While the level of competition this year has been as competitive as it can be, the 1st place Leland Legends played solid defense with an incredible offensive performance. That’s a pretty lethal combination for any team to play against!
We also would like to single out the NJ Saints for making it to 6th place in their first year in this league. They showed that they can compete in the best Stickball league in New York and are now looking to make some noise in the playoffs against the Royals. Also, Nothing Personal finished their season with a bang by beating the Bronx Emperors and nearly taking the 8th spot in this years playoffs. They played a trememdous season and have a lot to look forward to in the coming years.
Stay tuned for a recap of yesterday’s events, but in the meantime here’s next week’s playoff match ups:

Round 1:
Field 1:
Royals vs NJ Saints (Gold/Ravens)
Field 2: Emperors vs Stem  (Leland/Bandits)

Field 1:
Gold vs Ravens (Royals/Saints)
Field 2: Leland vs Bandits (Emperors/Stem)

Field 1: TBD
Field 2: TBD
**** High seed plays low seed in a best of 3 match up depending on the outcome of the 1st round.

* High seed plays low seed throughout the playoffs
* High seed has home field advantage
* First round is one game elimination
* 2nd and Championship rounds are the best of 3