Playoff Recap

1st Round

Saints Vs Royals– Royals came out hitting and were able to get by the Saints. Saints foughthard but were missing some sure fire-power on the team by absences from Al Sr, Al Jr, Mickey and Gil.

Ravens Vs Emperors– Ravens came out smoking hot as they just got hit after hit to advance to thenext round. If I remember correctly, from umpiring, Nelson had 3 RBIs includinga HR. Emps played a sloppy game and were also missinga few players.

 Personal Vs Leland– Leland got by Personal to advance further. Some timely hitting from Lelandwas their key to their victory. Personal’s first taste of the postseason didn’tend well but it is something to build on.

Stem Vs Gold –Gold didn’t skip a beat in the first round and pushed past Stem. The defenseplayed well and the bats were alive in this game. Stem played their hearts out.This game gave the youth of the team a good amount of experience towards theirbright future.

2nd Round

Ravens Vs Leland– Leland swept the Ravens to make it to the championship once again. The 2ndgame saw some extra inning play before Leland was able to score multiple runs.Ravens continued their hot hitting but never seemed to recover from blowing alead in game 1. Congrats to the Ravens for a successful season when severalpeople thought they weren’t going to be competitive.

Royals Vs Gold –Gold also swept their opposition, the Royals. The bats remained hot for Gold asAlbie, Carlito and Dustyjust powered their team to victory. Royals picked a bad time to go through ateam slump and just couldn’t find holes when they did hit the ball hard.Congrats to the Royals on their season. They were able to pull together duringsome tough losses to their roster.