Playoff Sunday

The top 8 teams make it to playoff Sunday. It is a one game elimination until their is one team standing. Here is a schedule of the games.

First Round:

Game 1: 3. Sugar Hill vs 6. Silver Bullets (Field 1 / 10:00 am)

Game 2: 4. Royals vs 5. Leland Legends (Field 2 / 10:00 am)

Game 3: 2. Emperors vs 7. Diamondbacks (Field 1 / 11:00 am)

Game 4: 1. Gold vs 8. Ravens (Field 2 / 11:00 am)


Second Round:

Game 5 : Highest Seed vs Lowest Seed

Game 6 : Second Highest Seed vs Second Lowest Seed


Third Round:

Game 7: Winner of Game 5 vs Winner of Game 6


Match-up Analyst:

Game 1: Sugar Hill vs Silver Bullets

This should be a great match-up. These are the two youngest teams in the NYESL battling it out. Sugar Hill have been giving the Silver Bullets trouble all year. Sugar Hill is 3 – 0 vs the Silver Bullets this season, beating the Bullets, 2 – 0, 9 – 7, and 5 – 1. Sugar Hill has out scored the Silver Bullets, 16 to 8 in all three head to head match-ups. The last time, these two teams faced each other on field 1, it was a great defensive game, as Sugar Hill went on to win by the score of 2 – 0.


Game 2: Royals vs Leland Legends

This is going to be another good game. Former Leland Legend, Dave Meerow, will face off against his old team nice and early. The Royals have 2 – 1 record the Leland Legends during the season. The Royals have defeated Leland 1 – 0 and 4 – 1 in the first two meetings. The Leland Legends got revenge in the last meeting with a 6 – 2 win. The Royals have the advantage in this match-up as their team consist of multiple left handed batters and everyone who has been two Stickball Blvd knows that field 2 is a left handed hitters favorite field due to all the trees. The last time Leland and the Royals played on field 2, Leland dominated the game and won by the score of 6 – 2.


Game 3: Emperors vs Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks have not had a successful 2017 season but their is some good news for them heading into the playoffs. They will be facing off against the former, 3 times in a row, NYESL regular season champions, the Emperors. The good news for the Diamondbacks is that they have beaten the Emperors, 4 – 0, during the season and they lost two close games as well. The Emperors have a 2 – 1 record against the Diamondbacks this season. The bad news for the Diamondbacks is that the Emperors always turn things up an extra notch when the playoffs come.


Game 4: Gold vs Ravens

The Gold have swept the season series against the Ravens. The Gold have out scored the Ravens by a total of 18 – 1. If the Ravens show up with a full team, they will have put up a great fight against the Gold and possibly even upset them. The Gold have been the hottest team in the league all year long. They are looking for championship number 46. The Ravens have a tough task on their hands but anything can happen on a stickball Sunday.