Playoff Time!

The 2010 NYESL playoffs are here, but before we list the upcoming games we need to recognize one of the biggest achievements this season. The Gold lost 1 game all season and has once again set the mark for all teams wishing to be the best in Stickball. With the #1 defense and offesense Gold has demostrated what it takes to make it to the top and hold on to that spot for most of the 2010 season. Congratulations to the Gold and here’s this week’s playoff line up:
First Round : 10am
Ravens Vs Royals
Field2: Leland Vs Stem

First Round : 11am
Emperors Vs Saints
Field2: Gold Vs Bandits

The first round is a one game elimination face-off, while the subsequent rounds are a 2 out of 3. Good luck to all teams.