Royals – Team Preview

This entry is dedicated to the Bronx Royals. The Royals are full of raw talent. When going up against these guys, you better bring your best defense because these guys love to fill up the score sheet. After playing with the Royals for two years, I can say that they are filled with an amazing group of guys. They have each other`s back and can compete with the best of the best. The NYESL contains many teams that are composed of family and the Royals are no different. The Royals were created in 2004. The Royals started out as a conversation amongst family. A group of family members and close friends wanted to play with each other, after being on separate teams for a few years, and they knew the only way that would happen is by starting their own team, the Royals.

The Royals have been in the NYESL for 13 years. Their worst season was in 2004, their first year in the league. Since 2005, the Royals have finished in the top half of the league. The Royals have finished their season with a record over .500 for 6 straight years and they plan on making it 7 straight years. Last year the Royals ended the regular season as the 4th seed with a 12-8-2 record. Third baseman for the Royals, Kevin Santana, says, “Last year was an interesting year for the Royals. It was one of those up and down years due to injuries, losing key players and welcoming back former players. Even though we finished top four in the league last year, we need to get better on defense. Our offense is one of the best in the league but if we want to continue to improve in this league, we need to do a better job of balancing our defense with our offense. We except to win and our goals are nothing less than winning championships.”

The Royals are bringing back the same group of guys from last year with one new addition. The Royals have added former Leland Legend, Dave Meerow. This addition will help improve their defense while increasing their offensive fire power. The Royals are a team to fear in the NYESL. When their chemistry is clicking and they do not let their emotions get the best of them, they can be unstoppable. I believe one of the reasons for the Royal`s success on offense is that they have a great balance of right handed hitters and left handed hitters throughout their lineup. Even though the Royals finish in the top half of the league every year, they cannot seem to finish the job and win the NYESL title. Will this year be different from previous years? The Royals know they have what it takes to win a title but like every team, they have their doubters. Will the Royals defense tighten up and lead them to their first championship in Royals history?

2017 Royals

Kevin Santana2066312190101120.470
Eric Santana22793727100012120.468
Darnell Byrd21642614642011140.406
Johnathan Marrero20602311111015130.383
Ruben Rodriguez2174271772107110.365
Pete Carrion Jr217025138310670.357
Frankie Rivera2280271871101170.338
Dave Meerow2172241382107140.333
Christian Lozano18531274010580.226
Albert Colon Jr25000000100
Jordan Cruz00000000000
Rob Rivera13000000000
Ralph Perez25220000010
Adam Gomez1229870010440
Jose Marte10000000100
Eddie Espada13110000100