Saints – Team Preview

This entry is dedicated to the men that comprise the Saints from Jersey City, New Jersey. The Saints have come a long way. This team is a family of honorable veterans and young rising stars, all dedicated to preserving a dynamic of loyalty. The Saints were created by a family living in Jersey City, NJ in 2001. They started off their career in the Manhattan League, but after 8 years of playing in the Manhattan League, the Saints decided to join the NYESL in 2009. Since 2009, the Saints have kept their core players but are always avidly seeking out the missing pieces to a championship team. The quality that I respect the most about this team is that even though they have been struggling to have the same group of men year in and year out, the core of the team remains together and they keep coming back every year. It is hard to keep a team together when guys join and leave every year but the Saints avoid this problem through their strict devotion to loyalty.

The Saints have struggled to finish a season with a winning record. However, although they have struggled the past few years, they do remember their success in 2013. The Saints are looking to have a repeat of the 2013 season, where they went 18-6 landing them in the second seed going into the playoffs. To have a successful season like they did in 2013, the Saints know they have work to do. Pete Jr. says, “I felt the team lacked chemistry and maturity last year. Personal accolades were more important to certain players than having each other’s back and winning. The goal is build the chemistry our team once had and improve from game to game so we can be a competitive team once again. We are aiming for at least one of the four championship titles this year but no matter what type of year we have, we want to enjoy the time we spend on the Blvd. with family and friends.”

The Saints are in the process of rebuilding their team. There are a lot of changes to the roster this year. They picked up former Sugar Hill player, Rae-Justin Rondo Rivera, former Raven player, Dom Rivera, and former Gold player, Raul Morales. The Saints have also added two players who are returning to the game after taking a few years off, J.R. Rivera and Willie Pena. The Saints are also excited to announce the addition of their youngest player, Jeremy Carrion. Will these new additions be what the Saints have been searching for? Will this new Saints team be able to compete with the best of the best? The new additions to their team guided by their thorough record of brotherhood make me confident in my belief that they will make a statement in this league.

2017 Saints

Jonhathan Cooks Hernandez1117105000001
Josh Padilla1218145200011
Juan Lefty Mills10842000050
Dominic Rivera9800000010
Doug Ruiz101283100022
Eric Melendez101263000022
Gil Velez7521000010
Jason Carrion91040200020
Jay Bayron9721000040
Lenny Saturria101020100051
Markos Brown9984000031
Miguel Olivero8782200000
Mike Carrion1222187200014
Pete Carrion Jr1220145200020
Rae-Justin Rondo121763000020
Raul Morales1519146010021
Jeremy Carrion10800000010
Ron Pascual121883100010
Victor Mozco111673000013