Silver Bullets – Team Preview

This entry is dedicated to the Silver Bullets. The Silver Bullets are a new up and coming team in the NYESL composed of rising stars and talented veterans that lead the way. This team has a strong family base and have grown together on and off the boulevard for the past couple of decades. The making of the now known Silver Bullets is a great story. The Silver Bullets were created in 1989 by Steve Mercado and Frank Sanchez. The Bullets won 6 major championships in 5 years but the team ended up breaking apart in 1993. Two decades later, 2016, the Silver Bullets were brought back. The Silver Bullets current players use to play on a team known as “Stem” from 2007 to 2013. Stem did not have much success in their years in the league but the team did develop the players for the future. Last year Stem came back into the league but under the name of the Silver Bullets. Even though the Silver Bullets broke apart, brotherhood and family brought the team back together.

The Silver Bullets are coming off their first season in the NYESL. The Silver Bullets finished the 2016 season in the 8th seed with a 7-12-2 record. The team missed players all season but when the Bullets have their full team, they can be a problem. A perfect example of this was the Memorial Day Tournament. The Silver Bullets went into the MDT playoffs as the 6th seed. They ended up winning the whole tournament and making a statement for themselves in the Stickball world. Middle infielder, Austin Mercado says, “I feel that our team made a statement in our first year in the league, winning the Memorial Day championship. In league play, we did not perform as well as we would have liked to but we plan on learning from our mistakes. The 2017 season is going to be our year. We plan to win another major championship and continue on the legacy of our stickball legends and we expect to compete with the best teams in the league every week.”

This year the Silver Bullets parted ways with a veteran player, Tony Sein, but have added former Leland Legend, Jayden Ayala, and new comer, Gian-Luca Merolla. The Silver Bullets are a team that new teams can learn from when joining the NYESL. The beginning of a new team, like Stem, is always rough since the team may lack a lot of chemistry but if you stick together as a family on and off the field, a strong family bond and connection can turn a good team into a great team and that is the beauty of stickball. The Silver Bullets show the league what Stickball is really about.


2017 Silver Bullets

Wayne World Lippold1549291991001170.592
Anthony Rosado Jr.19663425621010110.515
Cheyenn El Flash Reyes155829225020480.500
Austin Mercado206928178210740.406
Jay Alvarez195722128200450.386
David Jr Hernandez228026185031280.325
Russell Carrasquillo216922155200680.319
David Hernandez236921173011570.304
Jayden Ayala15471054100170.213
Skylar Mercado1138251470411120
Boobie Ayala822862000130
Xavier Hernandez11000000000
Jayden Carrasquillo38220000000
Izzy Torres8249520213120
Coree Lippold37110000500
Jennifer Lippold47110000100
Lou Mercado11348800001010