Stickball Friendships – Greg West

Last weekend (Sept. 30-Oct 2) a few players from the Whompers and a few players from the Gold all played together in the NABA World Series Baseball Tournament out in Phoenix, AZ. We finished in 3rd place, losing in the semifinals in the 18 and over division. All the games were played at the major league spring training facilities that they have out in Phoenix.

We have a team that we play on out here in San Diego and decided to enter the World Series. For this tournament we picked up Albie Santiago, Alex Torres, and Ed Betances from the Gold to play along with myself, Mike Parks, and Scott Deen from the Whompers. We have been talking about playing in a baseball tournament together for a few years now and finally last weekend it came to fruition.

While playing, people were constantly asking us where we were from (there were teams out there from all across the United States) and we would tell them most of us were from SD and a few were from the Bronx. When they found out we were from different places, especially two places so far apart, they would ask how we knew each other and we would tell them that we met playing stickball. You could imagine the looks on people’s faces when they found out that half our baseball team knew each other playing stickball.

Anyways, stickball is an awesome game and it goes beyond simply playing stickball. It brought together a group of friends, who would have never met, together from across the country to play baseball together for a weekend. It was a great time! Good luck to all of you guys this weekend during the Columbus Day Tournament and have a great off-season! See you all Memorial Day 2011!
Greg West