Stickball News

From the Stickball Forum

First, I hope that everyone had a great off season. This weather has been very unpredictable lately, so hopefully the weather starts getting a bit warmer soon and we can start practicing our favorite past time. I wan t to also welcome a new team called the Falcons managed by John Rodriguez who played with the Ravens his last few years.

I want to take this time to outline some of the major rule and playoff changes being debated at this time.
By far the biggest news we have is related to the playoff match ups. For most of the league’s existence the NYESL playoffs were played in a one day – one game elimination tournament. Then, after Steve passed away in 2001 we changed things and it has been a 2 out of 3 match up in the semi and final rounds ever since. This has been great, but there is a downside related to the number of people present for the championship games. Because most teams are eliminated from the final game, most players and family members may not show up to watch the final games after their team has lost. If we have all playoffs games in day the entire league will be present!

So, this year we are going back to a one game elimination playoffs in what we call Championship Sunday! The first and second teams will most likely have a bye, but the rest of the set up is now been brainstormed. This should be a nice change, so what do you think?

The other big change is related to foul balls. We are going to propose that to keep arguments down due to umpire judgement calls, we want to change the rule related to the ball going into the trees in foul territory on any field. If the ball hits any tree in fair or foul territory, then fair or foul is determined by where it lands. Now, it’s up to the defense to make the play if the ball comes back in – more importantly, no more arguing with the ump. What do you guys think about this one?

We are in the process of discussing the above and other small rule changes during board and captains meetings, so give us any feedback here online or speak to your captains about bringing it up.

I also hope those of you that lost loved ones during the off season or have loved ones in the hospital find some peace of mind where I find mine… Stickball… It’s not just a game a tradition!