Stickball. Not just a game…

The first day of the 2009 season is fast approaching and the excitement of a new
 season is quickly filling the hearts of all NYESL players. That excitement was felt
this past weekend as a few pickup games were played and players began to
FINALLY take their first swings of 2009! With still over 3 weeks to go until the first
day of the season, we had a pretty good turn out as almost every team had at least
one representative on the Blvd. It just goes to show how eager we all are to take
that first swing and begin sharing the game with our Stickball family.
Pick Up Games
There will be pickup games going on every Sunday until the start of the 2009 season. This is a great
chance for players to start taking their first swings for 2009, but also a great opportunity for anyone
 who wants to give Stickball a try for the first or Nth time. If you’ve ever wondered “what’s so great
about Stickball?” … come to Stickball Blvd in the Bronx and we’ll show you! It’s a relaxed friendly
atmosphere that quickly embraces all who want to share in the joy of the game.
If you’re interested in playing and are not already on a team, send an email to
and we can discuss how to make your dream come true. lol. Remember: Stickball. It’s not just a game… It’s a Tradition!
Stay healthy, safe and see you on Sunday!
Time: 11ish every Sunday until April 5th