Stickball Tribune Part 2- NJ Saints

The Jersey City Saints.  This is a team that has definitely had their share of roller coaster seasons.  From making it to the Memorial Day Championship to coming in second place and losing in the first round to the Diamond Backs in the playoffs; this team has shown one thing: There is no quit in them.  The Saints had a rough season last year where they had most of their returning squad back into action with promise of doing better.  That all took a turn for the worse in 2014.  After finishing with their best record ever at 18-6 in 2013; 2014’s record seemed to be a bit surprising for the Saints as they finished with a 6-14-4 record.  “After coming off a rough season we regrouped for 2015” says Joshua Padilla of the Jersey City Saints.  

 2015 will definitely bring us a new look Jersey City Saints squad.  After losing one of their staple members in 2014; Mike Carrion, Pete’s own son, they will now lose a few more main players in Pedro, Ron, Joey and Freddy.  One would think that this would have marked the end for the Saints but that is definitely not the case.  As we all know, The Jersey City Devils unfortunately will not return after their first season.  This marked a good opportunity for the Saints to bring the Jersey City squad together in 2015.  The Devils best players such as Lenny, Chris and Cooks will join the Saints this year.  This should make for a new look-retooled Saints squad that will definitely need to learn how to play together but if they put it together they will be a force to reckon with.  Josh says they’re all excited for 2015 and says that even he is working on what he needs to do for this season already dropping 25lbs. (congrats to Josh!).   
 They are counting the days to opening day 2015 and they haven’t been this excited for opening day in a very long time.  That seems to be the general consensus this season for most teams.  I can’t wait to see how the season unfolds and what we can bring to the field!