Sugar Hill – Team Preview

This entry is dedicated to the team from Manhattan, Sugar Hill. If you want to see some young outstanding talent, you must watch these group of guys play. Being a young player myself, I love watching these guys play. Sugar Hill is made up of a couple veteran leaders, a lot of young raw talent and most importantly family. Even though last season was their first year in the league, these guys have already made a name for themselves on the boulevard. Sugar Hill originated in Manhattan where they have been the dominating force in the Manhattan league for the past several years. This team plays with a lot of pride and passion. They play every game with the same mindset, “Nothing to lose but everything to prove.”
Sugar Hill has made their mark in the league. For their first year in the league, Sugar Hill finished the season with a 10-11-1 (W-L-T) record. This record landed them the 7th seed in the playoffs. They went on to beat the Leland Legends in the first round but then lost to the Gold in the semi-finals. Sugar Hill ended the season with one of the top offenses and ranking second in the league in scoring. When talking to first baseman, Angel Taveras, about the team, he said,” For our first year, I feel that we did okay even though we made it to the final four in the playoffs. We are trying to improve our defense and have more guys involved in being more vocal on the field. We expect nothing less than making the Championship game and winning the NYESL title.”
Sugar hill has made a few changes to the roster during the off season. They have brought back Tony Baez, TJ, and Freek. They added former Saint, Cooks which can add to their offensive fire power. The team has parted ways with Eddie Espada, Rae Rondo, and Eddie Lopez. Sugar Hill is a team that nobody wants to play against in the playoffs. This team fears no one. They are aiming for the title this year but will this be the year they are crowned the NYESL champions? Everyone knows that this team can compete with the best of the best. Their offense is incredible but their defense kept them from a title last year. Will strengthening their communication be the answer to their struggles or even a NYESL title?

2017 Sugar Hill

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Tony Baez Jr.17551586100450.273
Julio Big Jay Robollo1541422000510.098