The 2011 Memorial Day Tournament

A Tribute To Steve Mercado

Stickball’s main event will kick of this weekend as the New York Emperors Stickball League once again hosts the 2011 Memorial Day Tournament. This tournament has been taking place here in the Bronx on Stickball Blvd for the past 26 years and the popularity of the event and Stickball has never been higher.

This year the tournament will feature 15 teams from Florida, California, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Manhattan and of course The Bronx. These teams will clash on the streets of the Bronx starting on Saturday May 28th and 29th for a chance to make it to Monday and compete for bragging rights and the 2011 Memorial Day Championship trophy.

The streets around Stickball Blvd will, as always, be teeming with Stickball fans and family members as they enjoy the games and some of the best Spanish food in the Bronx. We’ll also have many street vendors selling music CDs, T-shirts and we cant forget the piragua guy!

But, this year is special for another reason – this is the 10th year anniversary of the death of Steve Mercado. This year’s tournament will be dedicated to him, his family and all other members of the Armed Forces of the United States of America. The sacrifices being made still to this day highlight the importance of the support these men and women need from all of us. So, while we enjoy some good old fashioned Stickball, please remember how all of this is possible… See the following video made as A Tribute to Steve.

In related news, the Miami Heat Stickball Team has been gearing up for this tournament and to show their readiness, they produced the following video HEAT Stickball 2011 Trailer.
The biggest Stickball Event in the Bronx is brought to you by the members of the New York Emperors Stickball League and we welcome all visitors to enjoy OUR favorite pastime. See you on the Blvd!


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