The 2013 Award Winners

This Sunday April 21st during the Opening Day Ceremony, the NYESL
will hand out awards for the various categories found below. These
players worked hard for these awards, so a big congratulations
to all award winners! Come join us for the Opening Day Ceremony at
and stick around for the Oldtimer’s game followed by the first games of
the 2013 Season!

Brotherhood Award: Don Jose (cleaning guy)
Champions: Gold
Second Place: Ravens
Third Place: Leland
League MVP: Ant Caban (Emperors)
Golden Hands – 1st Base : Ferdi German (Leland)
Golden Hands – 2nd Base : Anthony Rosado (Emperors)
Golden Hands – ShortStop : Eddie F. Rodriguez (Leland)
Golden Hands – 3rd Base : Ant Caban (Emperors)
Golden Hands – Outfield : Edwin Rodriguez (Leland)
Golden Hands – Outfield : Angel Quinonez Jr (Gold)
Golden Hands – Outfield : Vido Creales (Emperors)
Golden Hands – Outfield : Ed Brunson (Ravens)
Most Improved: Gold – Pete Santiago
Most Improved: Leland – Warren Wilkerson
Most Improved: Emperors – Ricky Torres
Most Improved: Royals – Frankie Rivera
Most Improved: D-Backs – Pedro Eliza
Most Improved: Saints – Dominique Rivera
Most Improved: Bandits – Jonathan Marrero
Most Improved: Stem – Dave Hernadez Jr.
Most Improved: Ravens – Nelson Roldan

Stickball. Not just a game…A Tradition!!