The Bronx Emperors take the '09 Columbus Day Tournament!

This year’s Columbus Day Tournament was yet another great success for the NYESL. The tournament featured 10 teams including Sugar Hill from Manhattan and of course our very own the New Jersey Saints. While the competition on Stickbal Blvd. was as intense as ever, the Bronx Emperors came out on top to solidify a great season. The Bronx Emperors managed to take 4 out of 5 of the last major tournaments including two Columbus Day Tournaments in a row. They played solid defense all weekend as they continue to have one of the best defensive games in Stickball. Their offensive performance was led by the tournaments’ MVP Al Jr who hit “liniasos” all weekend long. Al Jr joined the Emperors this year, but has since become the offensive heart the Emperors needed to make Stickball history. Under the leadership of Tito Rivera and Vido Creales, the Bronx Emperors have shown our Stickball community why they are now the team to beat.
Congratulations to the Stem for making it to the championship game this past Sunday. They picked up Boobie, Lenny and Veldi from the Leland Legends and that has already made a huge difference in their level competition. Stem actually faced of against the Leland Legends in the second round of the playoffs and won by a score of 2-0.
We would like to thank all the teams and players who participated in this tournament. We would also like to thank all the fans and family members who come out to Stickball Blvd and show support to the NYESL.
But, Stickball is not over yet as Stickball4Kids and the new NYESL fall league will continue next weekend. See you all soon!