The Emperors are the 2013 CDT Champs!

The Bronx Emperors defeated the Bronx Royals to become the 2013 Columbus Day Champions!The Emperors advanced to championship game by beating the Bronx Ravens and Leland Legends. The Royals needed to go through Sugarhill from Manhattan and last year’s Columbus Day Champs The Gold. The championship game was a great defensive game with the final score being 4-1 infavor of the Emperors. The Emperors had co-MVPs with (Little) Ricky Torres and Mike Carrionsharing the honors.

Thanks to all the teams that participated and to the families who support them. Every year the Columbus Day Tournament is dedicated to all women who have been affected by breast cancer. Thisyear was dedicated to the Pink Daisy Project ( honor Danica (Ant Live’s sister in law). Thank you all for the support. -NYESL