The Gold Wins the Championship!!

The Bronx Gold defeated the San Diego Whompers 1-0 to win the Memorial Day Tournament Bragging Rights! 
The competition level was high on the Blvd during the Memorial Day Weekend Stickball Classic. 14 Teams from accross the United States competed for this years’ Bragging Rights! Following were the standings as of EOD Sunday for the top 8 teams:
1. Miami Heat : 5 Wins;1 Loss;15 Points;12 Run Differential
2. Leland Legends : 4 Wins;1 Tie;1 Loss;13 Points;15 Run Differential
3. NJ Saints : 4 Wins; 2 Lossess;12Points;26 Run Differential
4. San Diego Whompers : 4 Wins; 2 Lossess;12 Points;
5. Bronx Emperors : 4 Wins; 2 Lossess;12Points;
6. The Gold : 4 Wins; 2 Lossess;12Points;
7. Rockets : 3 Wins; 1 Tie; 1 Loss;11Points;
8. SugarHill : 2 Wins; 2 Ties;2 Lossess;8 Points;

On Championship Monday…the 4th place San Diego Whompers faced off against the 5th place Bronx Emperors on Calderon Field (1) at 10am. The Emperors made it interesting scoring 1 run in the 6th inning to come within one run of the Whompers. The final score was 3-2 Whompers and so the Bronx Emperor’s chances were gone to defend this years Bragging Rights title.
The 6th place Gold was also playing on Sanchez field (2) against the 3rd place NJ Saints. The Gold displayed tremendous offensive power and won to advance to the next round of the playoffs and give the Saints the first of 3 upsets in the first round.
The Second place Leland Legends then faced off against the 7th place Rockets. Leland came prepared to beat to 7th place team, but the Rockets were too much for Leland to handle. The Rockets went on to beat Leland and advance to the next round of the playoffs. 
The 1st place Miami Heat was also competing against the last 8th place Sugarhill from Manhattan on Calderon Field. Sugarhill went on to defeat the Miami Heat by a score of 3-2 for the biggest upset of the day.
The next round of the playoffs included The Gold against the Rockets and Whompers versus Sugarhill. The Whompers and Gold continued on to the next and final Championship round. 
The Championship game was one of the best defensive games played all weekend. The Gold and Whompers showed why they deserved to make it to the Championship game. The scoreless game was eventually broken up by a hit from the Game MVP Watts from Gold to help lead the team to its 30th Championship title. Congratulations to the Gold for winning this year’s Bragging Rights!

A big thank you to all teams taking part in this year’s Memorial Day Stickball Classic. Thank you to the Miami Heat, Leland Legends,NJ Saints, San Diego Whompers, Bronx Emperors,The Gold, Rockets, Sugarhill, Bronx Bandits, Nothing Personal, Bronx Ravens, Tampa Bay Chargers, Bronx Royals, Stem.
Thank you also to our Stickball “Oldtimers” for being out there supporting Stickball. We owe our very presence on Stickball Blvd to them for laying the foundation 26 years ago. Another thank you to the wives for being out there supporting their boyfriends/husbands and taking care of the kids for 3 amazing days! Thank you ladies…
We would also like to thank the young players in this league. They are the reason why Stickball is currently flourishing in the Bronx. They bring the “fire” to the game and add another dimension to level of Stickball played on Stickball Blvd. 
Special thank you to the NYESL Board for putting together another great Memorial Day Tournament. The League President Richie Marrero and the other three board members Vido Creales, Frankie Martinez and Tyrone Davis put a lot of energy to make this a success. A thank you to all those that helped with the Annual Kids game on Monday before the championship game. This includes Angel Sr./Jr, Naz, Stevie and Davie and a few others. Thank you to all that helped even a “bit” for contributing to this year’s Memorial Day Tournament. The NYESL appreciates and wishes everyone the very best. Thank You.