I am 55 years young and feeling like a kid. Feeling like a kid who’s friends are all going to a field trip … but not him … not this year. It’s this empty feeling … a feeling like when you lose your best friend, your favorite pet … your first love. This weekend The Greatest "Stickball" Show on Earth … is being hosted once again by my friends and family of the NYESL in the Bronx.

Unfortunately, for me … I will not be in attendance. Maybe it’s a sign of the times. Maybe it’s the first of many more that I will "have" to miss. But, I will be there in mind and spirit. I can close my eyes and smell the "bacalaitos" frying up the street … outfield field # 1. The music blasting … hip hop, salsa, regaetton … the "coquito" icee’s and the beautiful women dancing and cheering for their gladiators doing battle on the fields.

Most of all I will miss my friends … which have become my "Stickball Family". I will miss the hugs, the handshakes and the smiles. Seeing the new babies of players that were just kids themselves when I first met them. Stickball is and will always be a very special part of my life. I will miss "The Big One" this year. Someone have a coquito icee for me … maybe even a bacalaito. But most of all, take the time to say hello to an Oldtimer and Thank him for keeping Stickball around long enough for you to enjoy and pass on to your children. Take a minute and give a youngster a tip or two on how to elevate his game. Thank the wives and girlfriends for being there for us this weekend and allowing us to be kids for a day or two … at the expense of not being "number 1" for a just a little while.  

Enjoy … my friends! It’s The Greatest "Stickball" Show on Earth and you are there. Take it in … breathe the air, smell the aromas and hear the sounds. One day like me … you just might have to miss one … and these memories are all you will have. Make this a memorable weekend for yourself and for those whose lives you touch. Have a great time … hope to see you soon.
Bobby Medina – Miami Hurricanes