The NYESL Battle for positioning heats up – Written By Mick Olivero (Leland #52)

On Sunday June 12th the NYESL was at it again. Leland picked apart the Saints early in their 1st game scoring 8 runs & locking down the defense for the 8-0 win. Dave Meerow went 3 for 4 with an rbi & Jay Alvarez contributed with 2 rbi’s of his own. The Royals 1st game was against Stem who are shutout the Royals 3-0. Danny had 3 hits for Stem. The only other game for Stem was vs the Bandits and Stem proved to be too much winning it 5-2. Danny, D. Lush & Ricky Torres each had 2 hits and Wayne closed it out with 3 rbi’s.
The Royals played the Emperors in their final game of the day and were shutout 5-0 as well. Vido went 2 for 4 with a 3 rbi’ game & Tyrone went 3 for 3. After getting out to an early lead against Leland the Royals played good defense despite Leland’s attempts to start a rally. The Royals walked away with yet another victory against the League’s best team this season, Add 2 more victories against Gold this season & the Royals have managed 4 wins against 2 great teams.
It will be interesting to see what they do against the Emperors in their 3rd and final game this season with the Emperors needing the win to hold second place. The Ravens lost 3 games in a row this past weekend and lost any hopes of 1st place by doing so. They were beat 1-0 by the surging Emperors on Tito Rivera’s 7th inning homerun. The Ravens then played the Gold & were abused 7-1. Lefty Ed Batances went 4 for 4 with two doubles, a triple and 2 rbi’s & Watts was 3 for 4 with an rbi. Gold has quietly started their winning ways again & swept all three games on Sunday. Their second game was against the Starling AC & gold just kept bringing it to them for the 11-0 win. P.R. Alex went 3 for 3 with 3 rbi’s and Pito & Raul each went 3 for 4 for Gold. Gold also defeated the bandits 5-1 to complete the 3 games sweep allowing just 1 run Sunday. The Ravens 3rd game of the day was a game they needed against the 1st place Legends.  Leland was able to score 3 runs & hold the Ravens to one for the 3-1 victory. Dave, Eddie F & Lenny all contributed with 2 hits each.
Due Notice this week goes to the Ravens Ed Bruson for his 27 hits in 51 at bats & holds a .529 avg. for the Ravens so far this season.
In conclusion the NYESL is down to each team having to play their last 5 or 6 games over the next two sundays. Leland remains in 1st place & has a 6 point or 2 wins lead over the Emperors and a 9 point lead over Gold who only trail the Emperors by 3 points and are currently in 3rd place. Leland will be doing everything they can to maintain the top spot in the standings until the end for bragging rights on the season & prize money. The Ravens & Gold are still capable of taking the 2nd & 3rd seed from the Emperors in the next 2 weeks & will be bringing there best to try and do just that. The Royals can win 3 this coming week & be right in the thick of the race themselves against the Gold, Emperors & Ravens. Sunday is very important for the top 5 teams as it could possibly feature teams clinching playoff positions while others can just fall out the race for the top 3 seeds. Chatter in the sites trash talking forum has been in full gear this week already as teams try to get into the heads & hearts of their opponents to throw them off their games.
THIS is what our beloved street game of Stickball is all about. This is where the boys become men & defense & timely clutch hitting wins big games. It’s been an outstanding season competitively & to nobody’s surprise. Teams added players that completely changed their dynamics & improved their teams both defensively & offensively before this season started. The next two weeks will prove which teams benefited most from those moves. Keep a close eye for next weeks article to see what happens next. It’s show time fellas….Hope to see you all there.