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2016: Leland Legends  
The Leland Legends started in 2006 and never lookedback.  They were team made of veterans inthis league and came out the gate swinging. Since the inception of the team the Leland Legends have never fallenbelow .500 in terms of wins and losses, which is extremely hard to do in thisleague.  No matter what, they always seemto field a great fielding, hard-hitting team.   
In 10 years, this team has only fallen below 15 wins 3 timeswith their best record coming in 2012 when they finished 23-2-2.  This is a team of family, childhood friendsand some seasoned stickball veterans mixed in here and there.  
The Leland Legends have always found theirway to make sure they field one of the top teams in the league and continue todo so.  They have been one of the moreconsistent teams on the BLVD, even making it to a few championships over theyears only to fall short in the big game.   
Leland struggled last year as they had one of their mostformidable line-ups in play.  They fellto their worst record ever at 11-10-3, along with their worst run differentialever.  But you’d better not sleep on thisteam, otherwise you will be hearing “BAAAA-DOOOOOO” after and during thegame.    
Leland returns a strong line up led by Dave Meerow, who isone of the most feared hitters on the team with a batting average of .459 andan impressive 31 RBI’s.  Lou Bonillareturns after a great season hitting .478, while Ferdi looks to round thingsout hitting .406 himself.    
Just like many other teams, Leland will also play 2016 withsome key losses as well.  Wayne Lippold(who hit a team high .542 by the way) will be joining his son and close familyfriends as they create the new Silver Bullets. Izzy Torres has decided to take some time off from stickball this yearto focus on some other endeavors (Izzy hit .427 last year).  
To help with some of the losses Leland haspicked up Freddie, formerly of the Brew Crew and will try out Lou’s brother,Hector.  They are also looking to getyounger and will see if Jayden Ayala is ready to earn some playing time underthe guidance of his father, veteran Boobie Ayala.    
Leland won’t let that slow them down as they still have twoof the best defenders in this league still and they happen to come in afather-son package.  Eddie F returns atshort stop, where he can play as good as anyone in the league and his son Edwinis ready to continue to dominate the outfield and give it his all.    
-Kevin – Royals – #23