The Stickball Tribune Part 4: The Brew Crew

The strength of the New York Emperors Stickball leagues comes with its numbers and members. One thing that makes the NYESL the best Stickball League on the planet is the fact that no matter what, we always have the most teams.  The NYESL has not had less than 8 teams for as long as I can remember and I am confident that it’s safe to say we have never had less than 8. However for 2015 we were on the brink of breaking that barrier.  We lost a couple teams over the years but there were always at least 8.  In 2014 we had a new team join the league only to find out it will also be their only year.
When I found out we were losing a few players on the Royals I was shocked at first. Skills, Wins, losses, or even mistakes put aside, you never want to lose teammates.  We (The Royals) learned shortly after the Columbus Day Tournament that in 2015 Eddie, Frankie and Adam would not be returning in 2015 to start their own team.  At first it came as a surprise but at the end of the day, it has happened before.  Eddie was one of the first members to ever be called a Royal and Frankie and Adam joined a few years after that.  We also learned from Petey that he would not be playing in 2015 to take a year off and focus on softball, only to learn that he will in fact also be joining the Brew Crew.  My stance will always be the same, Once a Royal always a Royal.  So I would like to wish these guys luck and I will cheer them on, as long as they’re not playing against us!
I also started to realize that this is actually good for the NYESL.  Without these guys starting their own team, there will be no Brew Crew and there would have only been 7 teams competing in this year’s league.  The Brew Crew has come out in a loud way without even playing their first game.  Frankie Rivera, Adam and Eddie have shown excitement in their new logo and team name by posting it all over social media while Frankie has been doing a lot of posting on his own.  History has shown that it is extremely difficult for new teams in the NYESL but The Brew Crew hopes to hit the ground running.
The Brew Crew strongly believes that their newly formed squad has a good mix of veterans that will allow them to succeed. For those of you that don’t know the Brew Crew will be composed of players we are all familiar with such as; Raul (Gold, Leland) Robert Rodriguez (Tutu: Diamondbacks), Jason (Bronx Knights, Leland), Russel (Bronx Knights, Leland), Adam Gomez (Royals), Petey (Royals), Frankie Rivera (Royals), Eddie (Royals), Dominick (Ravens) and Freddy (Saints).  The Brew Crew is looking to have key players come into their own and carry the team into the future says Adam Gomez.  “Frankie has shown the ability to put a team on his back, but the challenge will be to do it week in and week out” Says Adam.  Adam is excited to shows he has the ability to be a successful every day player in this league and he is excited to have Petey hitting in the heart of the line up.  “We look forward to the challenges ahead & wanted to form the Brew Crew to start our own tradition of family & friendship on the BLVD,” says Adam.
The Brew Crew will begin their season in one of the 2015 season opening games against their newly formed rival in The Royals at 10am on April 12th.  Frankie Rivera has guaranteed a win already in their first game and says they will win by no less of a score than 6-2.  Guarantees don’t normally work well in sports but we will see what happens Opening Day 2015!
The Stickball Tribune Part 4
-Kevin Santana-