The Stickball Tribune – The D-Backs


In terms of the roster itself, The Bronx Diamondbacks havebeen one of the most consistent teams in league in terms of being able to hold uptheir roster year after year.  Which isvery surprising for a team that hasn’t been able to get over that hump.  That right there is a testament to this teamitself.  One thing is for sure; they areloyal to each other and love playing together.   
Led by the youngsters of the team, The D-Backs hope to findmore success as a team.  In 2015 theymatched their best season ever with a record of 8-14-2 and look to continue tomove forward in 2016.  “Our goal this year is to stay healthy, be competitive andremain positive throughout the year by fielding a competitive team” saysAnthony Nazario Jr.  Anthony is one ofthe young guns that the D-Backs need to build a team around.  Anthony had a decent season last year but inorder for players like him to get better I hope to see him in more of aconsistent starting role.  With him areMartin Bueno and Mark Candelaria.  Bothof these guys have the potential to really be great players in this league.  As most others on this team, they are lookingto remain consistent throughout the year.   
This team does the best job out of anyone in terms ofgetting all of their guys in games throughout the year.  However, at what point do they decide to putthe best team possible on the field in order to compete at the highest level?Only time will tell… They are planning to build on everyone’s role on the teamand looking to great team members on and off the field.    
The BIG story for this team this year is the departure oflongtime player/captain Ty Davis.  TyDavis has been a Nothing Personal/D-Back since the team’s inception.  For personal and competitive reasons, Ty hasdecided to Join The Bronx Ravens.  Heshould feel right at home with that team, as he has played for them in several LaborDay tournaments.  At the same time theD-Backs would like to welcome back Tutu (Robert) as he is coming back homeafter a small departure to play with the Brew Crew.    
 Led by Manager/Captain Jay, The D-Backs are hoping to makesome noise this year.    
 Thanks, -KEVIN, Royals #23