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The Stickball Tribune 2016: The GOLD  
When you think about The GOLD in stickball, one thing comesto mind, WINNING.  This is a team thathas found the most success on the blvd. and abroad.  It’s almost foresight into the their name asthey have become “The Gold Standard” of winning.  NO ONE on the blvd. has more championshipwins than the Gold.  
There are players onthis team that can literally say they have 30+ championships.  There’s no way to contest this claim as Igrew up watching this team since I was 10 years old, and yes I saw them winPLENTY.  I’ve seen players come and gowith the hopes of winning their own championship and I have seen their coretogether for as long as I can remember.    
Growing up playing in this game one thing was for sure, whenyou got a win against The Gold it was an accomplishment.  Whether players admit it or not, when theywere on the schedule your focus shot up by a large percentage.  The past few years haven’t been the same fora team of their prestige.  Yet, theyprobably still have more championships in the past few years than 90% of theleague.    
Last season was arguably their most difficult seasonyet.  Their win total (10) hasn’t beenthis low since 2004 when they had a total of 9 wins.  In fact, in the last 2 years The Gold has hada total of 17 losses.  To put it inperspective, it took them 4-5 years TOTAL in the years before 2014 to reachover 17 losses combined including the most dominant season ever at 22-1-1 in2010.  One thing is for sure though.  Sleep on them if you want to.  Even with players injured and others out forthe playoffs, they still managed to make the championship for the 2015 NYESLRegular season.  Not to shabby for a teamthat had their worst season in over a decade.   
Led by Steve and Rich, this team has been able to keep it togetherwith one goal in mind, winning.  Over thepast few years the Gold has definitely looked different.  Fueled by their teammates, fueled by winning,fueled by anger, this team is looking to reclaim the throne.  “We have some beasts being formed, angrydudes” says Josh Infante.  I don’t doubtit.  There have definitely been sometensionboth within the team and with others but both Steve and Josh agreethat they are ready to channel that and show that same fierceness on thefield.  “No talking, we are going to letour offense and defense do all the talking we need to get back to our winingways,” says Steve.    
The Gold will have their traditional team coming back to thelineup such as Carlito, Steve, Josh, Pito, Dusty, Frankie, amongst others.  A lot of those guys are still playing at highlevel if you ask me and it was shown as those same guys recently won achampionship in the fall league (Harlem) playing with Ravens and Royals playersas well.    
The Gold would like to officially welcome the hard hittingChuchie back to the team for 2016 as well as stickball veteran and provenwinner from Miami, Jose Martinez who will be joining the NYESL with TheGold.    
If you play in the NYESL and are not excited for 4/3 I don’tknow what will get you excited.  Staytuned for the last 2 teams to have a 2016 Stickball Tribune.  The Royals will land on the site on Wednesday3.30 and last year’s champions; The Emperors will finish off the Stickball tribuneon Friday April 1st.  
Kevin, Royals #23