The Stickball Tribune – The Ravens

THE STICKBALL TRIBUNE2016: The Bronx Ravens 
Man, writing these really makes me can’t wait for the seasonto start.  Practice swings anyone?For this edition of the Stickball Tribune, we will betalking about The Bronx Ravens.  
The Ravens are one of the pillars of the NYESL.  Consistently fielding a competitive team yearin and year out.  One of the very feweven to find success winning a NYESL season championship.  Unfortunately The Ravens have had a roughcouple of years the last 2 seasons.  Frommain players missing seasons due to work obligations and/or injury to fromplayers going to other teams, the Ravens have experienced a tough time forsure.  In the last 2 years The Ravenshave gone 12-27-8.  However, if I wereyou I wouldn’t take that record seriously.  
This team (no matter what their record is) is always a threat to put ona show.  I personally played with themfor the first time this past Labor Day Tournament alongside my Royals teammatesDarnell and Davey and I can tell you for sure that the fire is still there aswe made some noise down there only to fall short in the semis. Led by one of the OG’s in the game, Artie Saylor, they aretrying to get back to being one of the top teams in the league.  
It won’t be easy, but they won’t backdown.  Arguably, one of their bestplayers, Austin Mercado will be leaving the Ravens this year to join his fellowyoungsters and brother Skylar to form the Silver Bullets.  
This team didn’t let that stop them as they went to workthis off-season.  Joining them this yearwill be Mick, formerly of the Saints.  Asone of the best players on the Saints, The Ravens are excited to have him comeon board.  Also joining them will beChago from Sugar Hill/Manhattan.  If youdon’t know who Chago is, I had the pleasure of playing with him in the fall Harlemleague and he’s a winner for sure, playing his way to a championship withus.  Long time D-Back/Nothing Personal TyDavis will also be joining them this year as he has been playing with them forseveral tournaments now.  Additionally,Ralph Colon from Leland will be re-joining the Ravens as well as Dominique fromThe Brew Crew.  
Led by veteran Ed Brunson (who I consider one of the best toever play) The Ravens are looking to once again field a competitive team inthis league.  Alongside Ed will be thebrothers Nick and Jeremy, who proved they could play.  Al Jr. is looking to have Sundays off thisyear and once again show that he is one of the best hitters in thisleague.  Ed truly believes that if theseguys can be there on Sundays alongside the rest of the Ravens, The Ravens willbe back to being competitive.  
Stay tuned for the next Stickball Tribune of 2016! 
Thanks,-Kevin, Royals #23