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2016: The Jersey CitySaints   
As the lone team from New Jersey, these guys show up everyweek in force.  These guys don’t getenough credit for traveling to The Bronx every Sunday morning to compete in thebest Stickball league in the planet.  Ittakes sacrifice for sure and for some of these guys, it really doesn’t matterto them as they see it as a price to pay for the game they love.    
This group of hard-hitting, loud mouthing guys has been amainstay in Stickball BLVD since 2009. Just like many other teams, it has not been an easy road to 2016.  Facing the adversity of guys leaving, keyplayers creating their own team, etc.… The Saints have always done what theycan to field a team on the BLVD.    
Led by one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, PeteCarrion, The Saints have had their share of up and down seasons.  After having their best season ever with arecord of 18-6 in 2013, The Saints have gone 14-25-8 in 2014 and 2015 combined.  However don’t let that record fool you.  When this team is hot they are one of thebest hitting teams in the BLVD.  
Theiroffense was good for 3rd in the league last year with 104 runsscored.  Now if they can get theirDefense together (-25 Differential) they can find similar success like they hadin the most recent Columbus Day Tournament where they lost in the Championshipto the Tampa Chargers.   The Saints have had a core of family.  
Pete Carrion has had his sons Pete Jr., Jayand Mike Carrion play on the Saints over the years.  Over the last few seasons Pete’s son MikeCarrion decided to play for the Emperors where he has found positive successwinning multiple championships.  Pete JR.and Jay still play on the Saints to this day in hopes to bring their dad one ofthose championships as well.    
Last season The Saints rode their offense all year long asCooks (.542 BA), Lenny (.529) and Josh (.477) all had career years at the plate.  As they got on base, their power hitter Chrisbrought them in with a career high 27 RBI’s last season.    
The Saints lost a big piece of their outfield with Mickdeciding to leave The Saints and join the Ravens in the off-season.  Hopefully they will have the pieces intactready to go to fill that void.  They willalso get a big hitter back in Mark, formerly of the NJ Devils (when they playedin the NYESL) who was with the team for the Columbus Day Tournament.    
Will The Saints ride the momentum from the CDT? We will seein 2016.  
Kevin – Royals – #23