The Stickball Tribune – The Silver Bullets


The new kids on the block for the NYESL.  Well not really.  The Silver Bullets are technically re-joiningthe NYESL as they have existed as a team in the early years of the NYESL.  However, this is not your typical expansionteam.  The Silver Bullets will feature alot of the young top talent from the NYESL as they were able to fill in theirroster from young players from almost every team.  Most of you remember the Silver Bullets asSTEM, a team that played in the NYESL full of family and their young kin.    
Led by Wayne and Jen Lippold, the Silver Bullets willfeature some of the same members of The STEM, but they are now older, wiser andyes better stickball players.  “The newlyfound Silver Bullets are back filled with pride, determination and resilience”says David Hernandez.  Davey creditstheir progression and experience they have garnered over the last few seasonsplaying with more established teams on the BLVD, such as The Royals, Leland,Emperors and Royals.    
The Silver Bullets are built on family and there is no doubtabout that.  Wayne and Jen will havetheir kids play with them,  DaveHernandez will be playing with his son David and the Mercado brothers, Skylarand Austin will be joining together to play on the same team this season.  
They aren’t just a stickball family, theseguys are family off the BLVD as well.  “Beingfamily is the one thing that will take us far!” says Davey.  He’s excited to play with his dad andshowcase all he has learned since playing for The Royals.  He believes playing with his dad will takehim to new levels and work twice as hard to impress and make his dadproud.    
Their goal is to continue the legacy of the Silver Bullets,play together and feed off one another and field a really competitiveteam.  They bring with them a bevy ofyoung talent such as Skylar, Austin, Davey, Coree, DJ, Cy, and AJ (Ant Live’sSon).  They are excited to be led byveterans Wayne, Jen and Dave and will do what it takes to make them proud.    
-KEVIN, Royals #23