This weeks' preview

Week 4 Preview (Revised)

Well the rain got the best of us last week, so no games were played. Here is a preview of this week’s games. Gold, Stem & Personal do not have a three game schedule.

Game of the Week

It was tough for me to decide which game should be the most recognized. After reviewing the schedule, I couldn’t help but notice that Royals Vs Ravens should be the Game of the Week. My decision was not based on standings, or a rivalry. My decision was solely based on this: a)This will be the 3rd straight game played on Sunday by both teams and b)They are playing on what is known as the “hitter’s field”, Field #3 (Mercado Field). Whoever has more in the tank will be the winner of this game.

Remaining Games
Personal Vs Emperors
– Last time these two played, Emps won 5-0. Personal will look to avoid getting shutout again.

Gold Vs Saints – Gold has been hot, they hope the two week lag doesn’t cool them off. Saints are hoping the couple of weeks off put a spring into their step.

Bandits Vs Stem – A 3-3 tie in week 1 was better than a loss, but both teams are out to prove they can win and beat their opponent.

Leland Vs Royals – Royals are out to prove their 6-0 loss to Leland was just 1 bad game. Leland is willing to prove otherwise.

Saints Vs Ravens – Saints only victory this year was against the Ravens in week 1. Ravens are trying to stay ahead of the few teams below them in the standings.

Stem Vs Gold – Last time they played Gold scored 9 runs, Stem had 0. Stem is out to prove they are a serious contender. Gold is looking to keep Stem down in the standings.

Royals Vs Bandits – In week 1, Bandits lost to the Royals by one run. Can they string the hits together to overcome the Royals?

Leland Vs Emperors – This game is probably the second best matchup of the day. Both teams are in the top 4 of the standings. This should be one of this week’s most anticipated games.

Personal Vs Ravens – Last time out, the Ravens put it on Personal with a 7-0 defeat. Ravens will try to repeat that effort. Personal will try to prove they are better than the results of that game.

Emperors Vs Saints – Emps will try to stay consistent enough to put another win in the column. Saints are hoping to put up some crooked numbers on the scoreboard.

Bandits Vs Leland – This is their first meeting of the year. Defense will be the key for the Bandits, if they can defend well, they should be able to compete.

See you on the Blvd.