Tournament Recap

The NYESL hosted its Memorial Stickball Classic for the 25th time this past weekend. The best of the best were out this weekend to claim bragging rights for the best team in the world in the game of stickball. 16 teams vying for supremacy all @ 9am Saturday morning feeling they have what it takes to be the king.  No other street sport requires this level of competition and intensity for 3 days straight. 
And so, the competition was fierce all day Saturday as the Bx. Bandits  & Stem two of the NYESL won two games apiece. They sent shockwaves thru the 1st day of action. The 60 boys who comprised a team of stickball legends had a poor showing winning 1 game. The Whompers from San Diego went undefeated as did the Emperors, Leland Legends and the 3 peat classic champions Gold. The evening ended with Ciglo xx performing for the crowd on Mercado Way aka Stickball Blvd.

Sunday is usually the best day of stickball in this tournament. Every team had a dose of reality and some had to redeem  themselves to insure a place in the top 8. The 60 boys did that by not losing on Sunday. The Stem continued their great play and locked up their spot. Also, Leland  lost and the Whompers had a tie on their record. Of all the undefeated teams on Saturday the last two on Sunday fought for the #1 seed. The Emperors vs Da Gold. So it came down to The two teams with the richest history in the NYESL. 40+ Championships combined. Da Gold took an early lead on the Emperors. For seven innings they each battled as both teams played stickball at its highest level. The Emperors would eventually tie the game and take the lead and has been their trademark shut the Gold out for the rest of the game. The Emperors were Undefeated for the weekend @ 6-0 and earned the #1 seed. The seeding went as follows #2 San Diego Whompers who also went undefeated with a tie.#3Gold,#4Leland Legends,#5Stem,#6Royals,#7Ravens,#8 Sixty Boys.

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