Triple Headers This Week!

Due to the rain outs this past weekend, we will now feature triple headers for the next few regular season Sundays. This is the schedule for the upcoming week of 5/22. Games will start at 9am:

Field 1 : Emperors Vs Personal – Ravens
Field 2 : Sainst vs Gold – Royals
Field 3 : Stem Vs Bandits – Leland

Field 1 : Gold Vs Stem – Emperors
Field 2 : Royals Vs Leland – Personal
Field 3 : Ravens Vs Saints – Bandits

Field 1: Bandits Vs Royals – Gold
Field 2 : Ravens Vs Personal – Stem
Field 3 : Emperors Vs Leland –  Saints

Field 1: Emperors Vs Saints – Stem
Field 2 : Bandits Vs Leland – Gold
Field 3 :  Royals Vs Ravens – Personal

Games will start at 9am this week in order to be able to play all games in a reasonable amount of time. Also, the mercy rule is in effect. So, any 10 run lead after the 4th inning will be considered a complete game, but the home team will get a chance to bat if they are the losing team.