Here’s Sundays (5/31) schedule:

Field 1: Emperors Vs Saints (Gold)
Field 2: Royals Vs Nothing Personal (Bandits)
Field 3: Stem Vs Ravens (Leland)

Field 1: Nothing Personal Vs Stem (Emperors)
Field 2: Bandits Vs Leland (Saints)
Field 3: Gold Vs Royals (Ravens)

Field 1: Ravens Vs Bandits (Nothing Personal)
Field 2: Gold Vs Saints (Stem)
Field 3: Emperors Vs Leland (Royals)

1pm (Rainout make up games from 5/3)
Field 1: Emperors Vs Royals (Stem)
Field 2: Ravens Vs Leland (Nothing Personal)
Field 3: Bandits Gold (Saints)
* There will be 3 games every Sunday for the next 3 weeks to make up the rain out.