Week 1 Matchups

Royals Vs Personal – This matchup should be interesting. Personal is trying to prove that they are a contender and the Royals are out to prove that they are a top tier team in this league. Which team will start off their season 1-0?
Bandits Vs Saints – I wonder how this game got scheduled? Saints are out to show their new talent as well as the Bandits and their addition of former Jersey Saint Lenny. Whenever players face their former team, there is always a bit of rivalry in the air.
Ravens Vs Emperors – Field 3 starts the season off with a good hitting and defensive matchup. This should be a good test for both teams to gauge where they stand for the 2012 season.
Falcons Vs Royals – Falcons will have a nice test to start their first season in NYESL. Knowing the Royals, they will not shy away from taking out the welcome mat to make the Falcons feel right at home.
Leland Vs Bandits – Bandits will get to play one of the better teams in the league on Opening Day. Leland will be looking to start the season off right, with a win.
Gold Vs Ravens – The Gold begin defending their championship by facing off against the Ravens on Opening Day. Ravens begin their 2012 season by facing two tough teams on Field 3!
Emperors Vs Stem – Stem will be hoping to start their season off victorious and will be tested by the veteran Emperors. Both teams haven’t made many changes to their teams so this matchup shouldn’t be a surprise.
Personal Vs Leland – This is a rematch of last season’s first round matchup. Personal had Leland on the ropes before a base running blunder cost Personal the game. Personal is out to prove that they are a contender this season.
Saints Vs Gold – Gold will be playing their second game of the season on field 3 aka Tree Field. This is no problem for a team that always puts the ball in play. Saints will find out exactly where they stand by playing this tough team.
Stem Vs Falcons – Falcons get their 2nd game of the day on field 1. True hits are usually needed to win on this field. We’ll find out how much of a contender this new team is by the end of this game.
Personal Vs Ravens – Personal and Ravens will be playing their 3rd game of the day and each team will be hoping to be over .500 by the end of this game. Ravens plan to show off their new squad is a serious contender for this season.

See you on the Blvd!