Week 1 Preview

Game of the Week
Gold Vs Ravens – Probably should be the Old Timer’s game, but this is a no-brainer for me. This is a rematch of last year’s championship. This game takes place on Field #1 at noon and will have many score watching. Both teams are former champs and have a good outlook for the season. Carlito will be bringing his league high 38 RBIs to this game. Chungo will be bringing the league’s 9th best RBI total to his new team.

Other games
Royals Vs Emperors – Always a trash talking filled matchup. You can bet the Royals’ new team members will have plenty to say if the talk starts early. Interesting to see what the outfield will look like now for both teams.
Leland Vs Saints – Leland will be looking to jump start their season with a win. Saints will be gauging how good their new look team is by playing one of the league’s top teams.
Gold Vs Bandits – There’s not much information known about this season’s Bandits and starting the season on field #3 will keep the wonderers still wondering until later. We know what the Gold will bring and it might be ugly for Freddy’s team.
Stem Vs Diamondbacks – This game will definitely have one thing for sure, youth. Probably the league’s youngest team members will play an important role for both squads. A week one win would be a great boost for a young team.
Emperors Vs Ravens – Yeah, yeah, you are tired of hearing about Chungo leaving the Emps, but you can be sure the Emps will mention it a few times and vice versa during this match up. An early season win will start some braggin’ rights.
Saints Vs Royals – Royals know what the Saints look like after facing them twice on Columbus Day and a few times during scrimmage games prior to the season beginning. Saints have a new look out field to match the new one of the Royals.
Stem Vs Bandits – My power rankings show this matchup as the 7th vs 9th team respectively. Both teams will try to raise an eyebrow or two with solid play. Lil Davey and Jonathan are their team’s most improved players and will try to lead their clubs with solid play.
Diamondbacks Vs Leland – This is a nice test for the Dbacks. Playing one of the league’s best squads will tell where they are for this season. Will Boobie have shaken off the rust by this game to assist his Leland brothers with some RBIs?
See you on the Blvd!
– Ron