Week #1 Preview

Game of the Week
How can we have a game of the week at the start of the season? All you have to do is take a look at the Trash Talking Forums to know that Royals Vs Leland is the Game of the Week. There are several reasons why the winning team will have bragging rights on the Blvd and in forums.Remaining Games

Saints Vs Gold – A good test for the Saints defense to start the season. Gold will look to start kickoff the season with a win.

Stem Vs Bandits
– An early test for both teams to see where does their team stand.

Emperors Vs Personal
– Emps are looking to show off the new roster, Personal is looking for a victory.

Ravens Vs Saints
– How much will the Ravens defense suffer from their departed players? This game will sure be a good gauge.

Gold Vs Stem
– This should be a good defensive game. Can it be a good offensive game for both teams?

Ravens Vs Personal – Ravens plan to soar, Personal says nevermore!

Emperors Vs Leland – Both teams respect each other, who wants the victory more?
Bandits Vs Royals – Last year, the Bandits failed to score a run in their 3 regular season matchups against the Royals. Will this year be different?