Week 10 Preview

Game of the Week
Leland Vs Gold – Split in the season series, this will be the determining game of the series unless this ends in a tie. Leland has been on a hot winning streak, winning their last eight games. By the way, their last loss during the regular season, it was to the Gold on June 10th. This matchup will take place on Field #2 at 10AM.

Other Matchups
Personal Vs Saints – Saints are 1-4 in their last 5 games while Personal is 2-3 in their last 5. Joey had a big weekend last week for Personal and as their #3 hitter, they’ll be hoping that he can continue his run producing ways. For the Saints, Lee has been heating up and is now sporting a .488 average.
Royals Vs Bandits – Royals are the league’s #4 team in runs scored while the Bandits are currently the 6th place team in the same category. This game will be played on Mercado field, which should benefit both. Expect a high scoring game, unless both are affected by the 10AM start.
Stem Vs Personal – Tied for points in the standings, this game means allot for both teams. 7th place is on the line and a win can also assist the close run differential. Davey has been hot for Stem and the team is averaging 6 runs in their last three games.
Falcons Vs Leland – Falcons have failed to score a run against Leland in their last two meetings and have been outscored by double digits in both games last week. Al will need some assistance driving in runs if the team plans on pulling out an upset.
Emperors Vs Royals – Always a good trash talking game, neither team wants to be the loser when these two meet up. Chris has been hot for the Royals, averaging 3 RBIs in his last 3 games. Ant-Live has been consistent recently, hitting safely in his last 10 games. The trash talking matchup is always good to watch as Tito and Chino square off once again.
Saints Vs Emperors – Saints are in need of a big game and no time better to have than against one of the league’s best teams. They definitely have their work cut out for them, especially since they will be battling on field #1, which the Emps thrive on. They are currently 6-0 and are averaging 8.5 runs on that field.
Gold Vs Stem – Both teams will be playing important games prior to this matchup. Adding a win here would definitely benefit the victorious team. Carlito leads the Gold with 28 RBIs but did not record a hit or a RBI last week. You can be sure he will be trying to change that this week.
Bandits Vs Ravens – Several players will be facing their former team during this game and that always leads to extra fuel in the fire. Bambino’s 21 RBIs leads the Bandits. He will need base runners if he plans on driving in more runs towards a Bandits victory.
Ravens Vs Falcons – The battle of the birds will take place on Field #1 at the end of the day. Al Jr is having another productive season with 31 hits and 21 RBIs. Gil has been on base for several of those runs and has collected 28 hits and has a .400 average for the Ravens.
Leland Vs Emperors – This is a game that definitely had some GOTW potential. Although Leland has won both regular season matchups, they will not forget about losing to the Emps in the MDT. Dave’s 27 RBIs leads Leland and you can be sure he will have a chance to drive in some runs during this game. Both teams have outstanding defenses and this game could always come down to an amazing play or two. This game is scheduled for Mercado field at the end of the day.

See you on the Blvd!