Week 10 Preview- Four team race heading down the stretch…

Emperors vs Saints-  The Emperors are on a roll. They are 6-0-2 in their last 8 games and find themselves just 4 points out of first place. The Saint are headed in the opposite direction. They have lost 5 straight games and find themselves just 2 points from dropping into the basement. 
Gold vs D’Backs- The Gold got themselves back on track last week with two much needed wins and now find themselves in the thick of the race for the top spot.  The D’Backs are just 1-5-1 in their last 7 games and have struggled to find any consistency and are in danger of falling into the basement. 
Gold vs Emperors- The Gold are just 2 points behind the Emperors in the standings and this matchup provides the perfect opportunity for them to pass them in the standings. But the Emperors have been red hot with the sticks and bring the league best defense to the field. The fireworks usually fly when these two meet, and with each being so close in the standings, this matchup should not disappoint. 
Saints Vs D’Backs- Neither of these teams are playing very well right now and both are looking for a much needed win.  The D’Backs have had the Saints number the last few matchup so this matchup is a welcome sight for them.  Both teams have some extra motivation as neither wants to find themselves in last place. 
Leland vs Devils–  Lelands defense was back to its stingy ways last week and their offense had the long ball working.  Leland reclaimed the top spot from the Royals and hopes to stay there for good.  The Devils lost both games last week but Leland is a welcome sight. They have played well against Leland this year are 1-0-1 in their first two matchups.
Ravens vs Royals- The Ravens are pounding on the cellar doors and looking to climb out this week. They’ve only lost one game since Memorial day and want to keep the momentum going.  The Royals place at the top of the standings was short lived as they lost both games last week. They are the lone team to beat the Ravens since Memorial day and might be what they need to get on track. 
Ravens vs Devils– The Ravens are currently in last place, but a good week, coupled with some keys losses from the 3 teams in front of them, and the Ravens could find themselves in the 5th spot.  One of those teams trying to hold them off is the Devils.  The Devils took the first matchup, but the Ravens got even in the second game. Who take the deciding 3rd game?
Leland vs Royals- Leland has had their with the Royals for a few years now.  The Royals haven’t beaten Leland since 2010 and will be looking to finally break through against them.  We all know the Royals can hit, but their defense will have to start playing better as it ranks among the worst in the league.