Week 10 Recaps

Game of the Week
Leland 5 Vs Gold 0 – Leland wins the season series with yet another shutout! Gotta say, this team is doing some remarkable things right now. Warren was 2-3, with a HR and 2 RBIs. Edwin, Dave and Izzy drove in a run apiece while each of them collected 2 hits. Gold was limited to 5 hits in the loss. Raul collected 2 hits in the loss to his former team.

Other Matchups
Personal 4 Vs Saints 4 – Both teams fought hard to earn this tie. Tutu went 3-4, 2 RBIs and Lionel went 3-4, 1 RBI for Personal. Dom was 2-3, 1 RBI and Gil, Max and Ralph each had 1 hit and 1 RBI for the Sainsts. Pete Sr was 2-2 for his Saints.
Royals 11 Vs Bandits 5 – The 10 o’clock start did not affect the Royals at all as they pounded the Bandits in this victory. Kevin had a perfect 4-4 game, Ruben was 3-4, 3 RBIs, Eric was 2-5, 1 HR, 2 RBIs and Petey was 3-4, 2 RBIs to lead the way for the Royals. Jonathan came back strong for the Bandits after missing last week. He was 3-3 with 3 RBIs. Bambino was 2-4 with 2 RBIs in the loss..
Stem 2 Vs Personal 1 – Stem earn the victory in this important game and now have sole possession of 7th place and lead Personal by 2 pts.
Leland 7 Vs Falcons 0 – Falcons got shutout again by Leland. Dave was 3-4, 3 RBIs, Ferdi was 3-4, 1 RBI and Jay was 2-4 with 2 RBIs for Leland. Nick collected the Falcons’ sole extra base hit by hitting a double while going 1-3.
Emperors 8 Vs Royals 1 – Emps have won the bragging rights after beating the Royals again, this time by 7 runs. Caban powered the Emps, going 4-4, 1 HR and 2 RBIs. Joining him was Tito, who drove in 2 runs himself. Kevin drove in the sole run for the Royals, going 1-2.
Emperors 10 Vs Saints 0 – Emperors continued their hot streak and pounded the Saints. Every Emps player collected a hit in this game. 40, Eric and Ricky each were 3-3. Ty, 40 & Ricky had 2 RBIs each. Saints only had 1 hit, from Max in this lop-sided affair.
Gold 14 Vs Stem 2 – Gold was able to find to revive their bats after getting shutout earlier. They collected 19 hits and scored 14 runs without hitting a HR. Pito was 4-4, Stevie was 3-4, 3 RBIs, Albie went 3-3, 3 RBIs & Betances was 3-4, 2 RBIs. Sean was 2-2 for Stem. Naz along with Davey, drove in a run each in the loss.
Bandits 6 Vs Ravens 1 – Bandits picked up a big win over the 4th place Ravens. Curks and Melvin led the charge by going 2-3 and driving in 2 runs each. Al Jr was 3-3 and Miguel was also 3-3 and drove in the only run for the Ravens.
Ravens 7 Vs Falcons 0 – A battle of the birds was supposed to take place but the Falcons forfeit yet another game. All I can say is SMH!
Leland 6 Vs Emperors 4 – Leland and Emperors battled in this close game. The win gives Leland an 11 point lead over the 3rd place Emps. Dave’s 3 run HR was the difference in this game for Leland. Eddie F was 3-5, 1 RBI, Warren was 3-4, 1 RBI and Edwin was 3-5 in the win. For the Emperors, Chungo was 3-4, 1 RBI, Caban went 3-4, 2 RBIs & 40 drove in a run while going 1-3.

See you on the Blvd!