Week 11 Preview

Game of the Week
Leland Vs Emperors – What separates the 3rd place Leland team from the 4th place Emperors? Well it is 1 whole point which equates to an ugly tie. No, not the ugly tie you received as a Christmas or Father’s Day gift….The tie I’m talking about is the one you get because you couldn’t beat your opponent.
By the time this game is played, this matchup might be even more meaningful. Both teams will come into this game right after playing their first games of the day. A loss in their first game by either team can be made up with a win in this one. Both teams have split in their first two meetings. This game can break that split. This battle will take place at Noon on Field #2. Good Luck to both squads.

Remaining Games
Diamondbacks Vs Gold – The Dbacks caught a break last week when the Bandits forfeited their game against them. The win was an important one as it helped the Dbacks distance themselves from the cellar. They won’t be so lucky this time as they play the first place, unforgiving Gold. After losing to the Royals last week, you can be sure The Gold will be ready to strike.
Stem Vs Ravens – Stem needs every point they can get as they are trying to make the playoffs and are separated by 2 points from the last place Bandits. Ravens are looking to hold on to 5th place and will also try to gain any point they can down the stretch. Stem is 1-5 in their last 6 games while the Ravens are 3-3 in their last 6. Last week Gil got injured for the Ravens, losing him would definitely hurt their offense.
Bandits Vs Saints – As posted earlier, Bandits lost 3 games to forfeit last week, so there’s no point of writing about them at this point. Although, I will give props to Ralph, Ichie and Jose who stayed around to umpire their team’s game. (I apologize if I left someone out). The Saints can sweep the season matchup with a win. They better not look past this game or they can be in for a huge disappointment.
Leland Vs Royals – This game is an intriguing matchup this week. Leland has been inconsistent recently, especially on the offensive side. However, their defense is still playing solid. The Royals are ranked 2nd in the league with 109 runs scored. This is even without the 34 hits ac*****ulated by departed players. Leland has won both matchups against the Royals during the regular season. Both teams are in tight races in the standings.
Gold Vs Saints – Gold is trying to hold off the improved Saints are hope to sweep the season series. The Gold is the only team that the Saints have not beaten this season. Both teams were without several key players last week. Let’s see if this game brings those players out to the Blvd. Gold will probably secure 1st place with a win in this game.
Emperors Vs Diamondbacks – Fighting for a playoff spot, this is another tough matchup for the Dbacks. They will have to be a little more consistent at the plate if they are serious about making a playoff push. The Emps will be salivating at a chance to beat the Dbacks as they try to more up the ladder.
Ravens Vs Bandits – The Ravens have beaten some pretty good teams recently and should not have any trouble with the struggling Bandits. Putting together hits will be the key for the 5th place Ravens. Al Jr has been on a tear lately and will have to fuel his team to a win in this game.
Stem Vs Royals – The league’s 2nd worst defense will be facing off against the league’s 2nd best offense. Sounds like the Stem are in for a long game. Beating the Royals would be a huge lift for Stem. My prediction, Royals win by 5.
See you on the Blvd!