Week 12 Schedule – Last regular season games

The 2010 NYESL season is coming to a close this weekend and the NYESL has many great things to be proud of. From our collaboration with Nike SportsWear, the always exciting Memorial Day Tournament and the upcoming season finale, the NYESL once again demonstrated that the our Stickball community is as strong as ever. The NYESL is affiliated with other Stickball organizations in San Diego, Miami, Orlando, Puerto Rico, Manhattan and New Jersey and has members from places throughout the United States. Leagues in those areas have also had an exciting year and the NYESL congratulates them and looks forward to many more years working together to help promote the game of Stickball.
As the premier league currently playing the fungo style (self-hit) of Stickball, the NYESL has made Stickball possible in other parts of the country. Past NYESL members were like Stickball seeds planted in places like Florida, California and Puerto Rico and they then introduced Stickball game within their community. Now, full leagues have sprung up throughout various states and are flourishing as never before.
We thank the representatives from other leagues like Greg, Willie and Tim from San Diego, Eric and Ruben from Puerto Rico and Bobby and Nestor from Florida for supporting the NYESL and building true partnerships to help the game flourish. The NYESL would also like to thank the Manhattan Stickball League for supporting our Memorial Day Tournament.
The NYESL is currently making plans to introduce the game to other local communities throughout New York City, so stay tuned for more information on that as plans are carried out and confirmations received. Stickball is rooted within the urban community in New York City and the NYESL has one primary mission:

The New York Emperors Stickball League utilizes Stickball to provide a safe, healthy and affordable alternative for athletes of all ages. Family and friendships create the nucleus needed to carry on our Stickball tradition and we emphasize the importance of comradeship within our community. But, the competitive nature of our Stickball players adds a level of competition comparable only to professional sports such as Baseball or Football. This competitive drive is evident in all N.Y.E.S.L. sponsored events, especially in the most prestigious Stickball Tournament: The Memorial Day Weekend Invitational Classic Tournament. Our goal is to revive Stickball and bring it out of the New York City streets and into America’s spotlight, while at the same time maintaining a well grounded foundation from which to build upon for future generations.

Final Week Schedule
Field1 : Leland Vs Emperors – Royals(Ump)
Field2 :  Bandits Vs Gold – Stem(Ump)
Field3 : Ravens Vs Personal – Saints(Ump)

Field1 :  Royals Vs Bandits –  Ravens(Ump)
Field2 : Stem Vs Leland – Gold(Ump)
Field3 :   Saints Vs Emperors – Personal(Ump)

Field1 :    Personal Vs Stem – Bandits(Ump)
Field2 : Saints Vs Gold – Leland(Ump)
Field3 :   Royals Vs Ravens – Emperors(Ump)