Week 2 Preview- Vote for Game of the Week

Brew Crew vs Emperors The Brew Crew predicted a 2-0 start to their season, but winning games isn’t always easy when your the new team on the block.  They face an Emperor team that won’t give them any free passes as their defense is among the leagues best.  Must-wins this early in the season are rare, but if you’re the Brew Crew, last thing you want is to start 0-3.

Gold vs D’Backs– Gold was 3 outs from being the only team to win 2 games last week.  They face a D’Back team who is looking to bounce back from a tough loss in their last game in which they lost a 6-run lead.  The D’Backs seem like a much more confident team this year, but if they want to beat the Gold they will have have to bring their A-game.
Gold vs Royals- The Royals defense got off to a shaky start last week, but settled down as the day went on. Their revamped outfield showed flashes of being great. The Gold comes into this game having scored 12 runs last week and will put the Royals to the test.  The Royal bats will have to wake up if they want to hang with the Gold.
Brew Crew vs Leland- The day doesn’t get any easier for the Brew Crew, as they face of of the leagues best in Leland.  Leland looked like two different teams last week, winning in blowout fashion in their first game, then getting mercy ruled in their second.  You can count on Leland making a adjustments this week.  The Brew Crew defense must be ready because Leland will make you pay when you give them extra outs.
Ravens vs D’Backs- The Ravens went 0-2 last week and the bats will have to wake up if they want to avoid getting off to another slow start in 2015.  Getting a win against the upstart D’Backs won’t be an easy task.  The D’Backs showed some power in that lineup last week and will look to keep that going.   The Ravens offense has to get going if they want to avoid the 0-3 start.
Saints vs Emperors-  The defending Champs gave up just 2 runs last week, and their stout defense keeps them in every game.  The Saints offense looked sluggish up until their late inning explosion in their second game last week.  If last week was any indication on what we can expect from the Saints, the Emperor offense will have to put up some runs, because the Saints have a much improved offense capable of big innings
Ravens vs Royals – The Royals pride themselves on having one of the best offenses in the game, but didn’t live up to their own expectations last week. The Ravens are out to show the league that 2015 wont be a repeat of 2014. But their bats are going to have do better than 3-runs last week, as the Royals will be looking to return to form on offense.
Saints vs Legends- Both of these teams showed some inconsistency last week, but in week 1 that’s to be expected.  Leland showed last week they could explode at any time.  The Saints showed the same as they fought back from 6 run deficit.  This should be an exciting match-up if both teams perform to their capabilities.