Week 3 Preview

Game of the Week

Stem Vs Saints – Both teams are winless thus far. Yes, it’s early in the season but both teams are under pressure to fill that win column. Both teams are evenly matched according to the stats. Saints have scored 4 runs in 4 games and the Stem has scored 5 in the same amount of games. It’s easy to think the team that hits this game will be the winner.

Other Games
Falcons Vs Bandits – Bandits are one of two teams without a loss so far and the Falcons are winless. The Bandits have received good production from their hitters, especially Lenny and Pena. Anthony has been the Falcons best hitter so far. More players will have to have good games for the Falcons if they want to blemish the Bandits record.
Saints Vs Royals – Last week the Royals gave up 23 runs in 2 games. They will have to tighten up their defense this week. Chris and Darnell have gotten off to hot starts. Saints need to get going to avoid the bottom of the standings. The pressure will be on Mike and Pete Jr to rally the squad.
Personal Vs Emperors – Last week, Personal went 2-0. Ty, Joey and Martin are leading the team in RBIs and will have to keep last week’s momentum to overcome this week’s challenges. Emps arethe 2nd highest scoring team in the league so far and will look to put up another crooked number in this game. Caban, Chungo, Eric and Vido have gotten off to good starts.
Gold Vs Falcons – What happens when you matchup the league’s top offense vs a winless team? We can all expect the Gold to win here but, the truth is we play the games for a reason. Hey, you never know.
Emperors Vs Bandits – Many have been buzzing around the league, wondering if the Bandits are for real. Well, here is a good way to find out, especially on Mercado field. This will be the Bandits first game on this field and this is the Emps 2nd visit here this season (5-4 victory last time).
Royals Vs Ravens – Tied in the standings, this game has some early season meaning for both teams. The Ravens have scored via the long ball. They have hit a total of 7 HR’s and lead the league in that category. Miguel’s 5 RBIs, lead the team. Chris will try to set the table for his Royals.
Gold Vs Personal – Gold has a run differential of 26 while Personal has -11. It’s easy to see what needs to be done to beat the Gold. Gold has been lead by Dusty’s hits (9) and his father’s RBIs (7). Throw in a good defense and Personal has their work cut out for them.
Stem Vs Leland – In the land of trees, only the team that hits can come out victorious. Hitting is what Eddie’s team loves to do. Edwin leads the team with 10 hits. He is tied with Ferdi and Dave for the team leader in RBIs (6). Coree and Anthony are tied for the Stem lead in hits (5). They will need a better contribution from all to beat Leland.
Ravens Vs Leland – Leland has the edge in this one as they have the better defense. But both teams can surely hit the crap out of the ball. This should be a good game to watch, especially if the sun is a factor on Calderon field.
Royals Vs Gold – This is always a good game to see as both teams are known to get on one another with the trash talking. Neither team will back down, no matter what the score is. The respect is there but the will to win is even stronger.
Saints and Falcons – Neither team wants to be in last place and both will try their hardest to make sure it doesn’t happen at the end of this week. This will be the 3rd game of the day for both, so they will give this game everything and anything that’s left in their tanks by the time this one is over.

See you on the Blvd!