Week 3 Preview- Game of the week Saints vs D'Backs

Game of the week- Saints (1-2-1) vs Diamondbacks (0-3-1)
I have to admit it.  I overlooked this matchup when considering the game of the week after looking at both teams records, but this one gets the nod.  The Saints are looking for some revenge against their rivals the D’Backs. These two teams have a history as a couple years ago some D’Backs players defected to the Saints and helped them to reach 17 wins last year. But the D’Backs had the last laugh as they bounced the heavily favored Saints the league playoffs, then again on Columbus Day. This one should be intense.
Gold (2-2) vs D’Backs (0-3-1)-  The Gold are looking to bonce back in week 3 after dropping 2 games in week 2. The D’Backs are just trying to get in the win column finally. The D’Backs came close in both games last week, but were unable to close out either game.  The Gold lost in similar fashion last week. They had leads in the 6th innings of both games, but could not hang on.
Emperors (2-2) vs Saints (1-2-1)- This matchup presents the first time Pete Sr. faces off against his son Mike in the regular season after Mike defected to the Emperors last Columbus day. It probably didnt help matters that the Emperors went on to win the Columbus day tournament with Mike winning Co-MVP honors.  The Saints finally got some momentum going winning their first game last week and will look to keep it going this week.  The Emperors are looking to win 2 games after splitting the first 2 weeks.
The Gold (2-2) vs Emperors (2-2)- Things always get interesting whenever these two teams get together.  Rarely does a game go by without these guys arguing about something.  The Gold are trying to get back on track after losing two games last week, and will hope to ride Carlitos hot start to the season to victory.  The Emperors will look for Caban to keep doing what he does best, driving in runs.
Ravens (1-3-1) vs Royals (4-0)- The Ravens have struggled to score runs in the early going, and will need to get hot this week if they want to beat the leagues lone unbeaten team in the Royals.  The Royals come into this game as the leagues highest scoring team and have a number of guys who have gotten off to great starts. The last thing the Royals wanted to see was a week off after their hot start. The Ravens always play them tough, so this should be a good matchup.
Leland (2-1-1) vs Devils (2-1-1)–  The Devils surprised everyone on the Blvd last week when they upset the Gold, but those good times didnt last long as they were pounded into submission by the Emperors in their second game. Lelands offense got going in week 2 and scored a total of 17 runs as they won big, and salvaged a tie later in the day. Both teams have identical records and will look to be getting the edge in the standings in this matchup.
Leland (2-1-1) vs Royals (4-0)– This was originally going to be the matchup of the week as the leagues top 2 offenses square off. The Royals historically have struggled against Leland and last season was no different as they lost every game to them. But the Royals have gotten off to a hot start and seem to have a whole new mindset this season.  Leland is out to prove they still own the Royals and that not much has changed.
Ravens (1-3) vs Devils (2-1-1)- The Ravens have gotten off to a bumpy start this season, and the Devils are trying to keep it that way.  The Devils have come out in their first season and proved they know how to swing the bats, but the Ravens have a number of good defensive players who can shut down any offense at any time. The Ravens will need to swing the bats better if they dont want to fall too far behind early on.  As history has proven, its only a matter of time before the Ravens get things going.