Week 4 Preview- Gold clash with Leland, Royals take on surprising Devils

Game of the Week- The Gold (4-2) vs Leland (3-1-2)
This game gets the nod this week over Devils versus the Royals due to both teams coming off strong week 3 performances.  Leland took down the previously undefeated Royals and the Gold had a great comeback win against the D’Backs and a dominant performance over the Emperors.  The Gold shut Leland out in week 1.  Both teams will try to keep the momentum going in this one as Ferdi looks to stay hot for Leland with 10 RBI’s that last two weeks, while Carlitos and his league leading 12 hits try keep the Gold going steady.
Ravens (1-5) vs Leland (3-1-2)– These are two teams going in opposite directions. Leland is starting to get into a groove, while the Ravens have struggled offensively to stay in games.  The Ravens will have to get the bats going or the defense will have to step up if they want to win some games.  Leland regained some of their swagger last week and their offense is ranked second in the league after 3 weeks.
The Gold (4-2) vs Saints (1-3-2)- After being shut out last week for 6 innings against the D’Backs, the Gold erupted in the seventh inning for 7 runs to turn a near loss into a blowout. Then the Gold came out and shutout the Emperors to turn in an impressive Sunday. The Saints have been hurt all season by slow starts.  The Saints offense has gotten off to slow starts in most games and the defense hasn’t been able to hold opponents down long enough to allow the offense to get going. They are going to have to go on a pretty impressive run if they want to reach the 17 win mark again.
Saints (1-3-2) vs Devils (3-1-2)- The Jersey teams go head to head for the second time this season after their tie in week 1. The Devils are exceeding expectations while the Saints have struggled to get going.  The Saints will have to break their trend late hitting if they want to stay in this game.  The Devils have shown the league that they can hit with the best of them and if they jump out on top, it might spell doom for the Saints. The Devils will look to keep pace in the standing and find themselves only 4 points out of first.
Emperors (2-3-1) vs Ravens (1-5)- We all know the Ravens have struggled offensively to start the year, but the Emperors haven’t exactly lit up the score board either. The difference between the two team has been the Emperors playing the type of defense we have all come to expect from them. The Emperors shut the Ravens out in week 1 and will look to do so again this time around. The Ravens will need their big boppers to start showing up in order to ignite this sleeping giant.
D’Backs (1-4-1) vs Royals (5-1)- The Royals are looking to get another win streak going after Leland stopped them in their tracks last week. They take on a D’Back team who won their first game last week and nearly took two before suffering a late inning collapse against the Gold. The Royals took the first matchup in week 1, but not before the D’Backs almost erased a 5-run deficit in the last inning leaving the winning runs on base.  The D’Backs look to be turning a corner and hope they can keep it up this week.
Emperors (2-3-1) vs D’Backs (1-4-1)- The Emperors have played good defense all year and hope the D’Backs are just what the offense needs to get going. The D’Backs have shown they can compete with the leagues best this year, as they’ve nearly beaten the Royals, Gold and Leland. They just have to figure out a way to close out games. Once the D’Backs do that, they will find themselves winning much more games.  The Emperors come into this game with no intention of being the team that gets the D’Backs going. The defense will do their best to make sure of that.
Devils (3-1-2) vs Royals (5-1)- The Royals and Devils have both come out and surprised most of the league with their play so far this year. The Royals seem to be playing up to the potential most knew they had, and the Devils have shocked the league with their hot start in just their first season in the league. There is plenty of history between the members of both these teams, but they both have moved on to focus on the season at hand. But I would lying if i said this Royal didn’t want to beat the Devils, and I know the Devils feel the same way. Should be a great matchup with lots of chirping between both squads, and plenty of offense.