Week 4 Preview- Vote for Game of the Week NOW!!!

D’Backs vs Emperors-  The Emperors grounded two pretty good offenses last week and look to do the same against the D’Backs. The D’Backs have alternated wins and loses each week and will look to provide another upset this week against the favored Emperors.
Saints vs Brew Crew- The Saints picked up their play last week and picked up 4 points in the process. The Brew Crew picked up their second win and continue to improve. The Brew Crew offense will have to play better as the Saints can score pretty quickly.
D’Backs vs Brew Crew- This could be considered a budding rivalry, as fellow board members Ty/Jay face off against Bombi/Tutu. This game has all the make up of chippy trash talking, which this writer cant wait to see. 
Emperors vs Gold-  The Gold offense has been up and down the first three weeks of the season, scoring big in one game, and not much in the other.  The Emperors defense is at the top of its game.  They played to a tie in week 1, and both teams are out to prove who is the king of the Blvd. 
Royals vs Saints- The Royals and Saints played to a tie in week 1.  The Saints offense woke up last week, as did the Royals who almost doubled their run total for the season in their last game.   This match-up shouldn’t disappoint. 
Leland vs Ravens– Both Leland and the Ravens dropped two games last week.  Lelands defense hasn’t looked shaky this season so far, and they are looking to find their groove. The Ravens have yet to win a game this season and are starting to feel the pressure to get those first 3 points. 
Royals vs Leland– Last time these two met, the Royals knocked Leland out of the Columbus day tournament.  The win was notable as it was the first time the Royals had beaten Leland in almost 4 years.  Leland will be looking to avenge the loss and get back on track. 
Gold vs Ravens- The Gold will look to keep the miserable start going for the Ravens as these two meet for the first time this season.  The Ravens have struggled, but they have the players capable of turning this thing around quickly.  Its too early to count the Ravens out.