Week 5 Preview- Vote For GOTW now!!!

The NYESL is back this week after taking a break to honor all of our mothers on Mothers Day. Less than 2 weeks remain for the 2015 NYESL Memorial Day Tournament and all of the teams are looking to head into the tourney on a high note. We have seen some surprise performances in the first third of the season and this reporter will be keeping an eye to see if the usual teams end up at the top in the end, or if some dark horses spoil the party for everyone.  Lets get to the preview already…

Royals vs Brew Crew– The Royals offense has started to break out of its early season slump the last 3 games.  The Brew Crew has struggled to put rallies together and has the worst offense in the league through the first third of the season. The Royals took the first meeting in week 1 and will look to impose their will on their former mates.
Leland vs Gold-  When was the last time you could say that Leland and Gold did not combine for a win during a regular season Sunday? I’m going to bet never.  Both teams have combined for just 1 win since week 2 and will both be looking to get their groove back in time for Memorial Day.  The Gold took the first match-up in a one sided match-up that saw them dominate Leland by 10 runs. 
Leland vs Saints-  The Saints are looking for a little bit of payback after losing their first match-up with Leland in week 2.  Leland has had no problems scoring runs this season, boasting the number 1 offense in the league, but they will need to play some defense in this one, as the Saints lineup can put up crooked numbers in a heartbeat.
Royals vs Ravens-  The Ravens finally broke out of their early season funk last week and showed the league they can be dangerous.  The Royals are proved the nay-sayers wrong so far with a combination of timely hitting and strong defense.  The Royals took the first meeting this year, but the Ravens are feeling good after last week and want to keep the momentum going heading into Memorial Day. 
Emperors vs Brew Crew- The Brew Crew stunned the Emperors in week 2 for their first win in Brew Crew history.  Since then, the Emperors have reeled off 5 straight wins and allowed just 2 runs in that span.  They defending champs are playing out of this world at the moment and it will take a monumental effort from the Brew Crew to stop them. 
D’Backs vs Gold- The D’Backs have been inconsistent from 1 game to the next each Sunday, but that consistency of winning at least 1 game each week has landed them in an unfamiliar place in the standings after 4 weeks… 3rd place.  The Gold dropped 2 games last week but have already beaten the D’Backs once this year and will look to repeat that performance again.
Emperors vs Ravens- The Ravens offense woke up last week, but the way the Emperors have been playing defense lately it might not matter.  The Ravens will need their legs to get on base and hope their big hitters can stay hot.   The Emperors beat teams but taking away would be hits and crushing teams spirit in the process. The Emperors lead the season series 1-0.
D’Backs vs Saints- The Saints know how dangerous the D’Backs can be first hand and the D’Backs certainly play with a high level of confidence when they play the Saints.  Both teams want to go into Memorial Day playing well, so this rivalry should play out in an exciting fashion as it usually does.  The Saints took the first match-up by a score of 8-6.