Week 6 Matchups

Game of the Week
Gold Vs Leland – Easy choice this week, as these teams are separated by 1 pt in the standings due to an extra tie that Leland has. In their first regular season matchup, Leland convincingly beat the Gold 8-1, to give them their only loss thus far. Leland has been powered by the combination of Dave, Edwin and Ferdi. Gold has been powered by Angel Sr, Dusty and Chuchi. Chuchi is having an MVP caliber season so far, batting a remarkable .821, 5 HR and 18 RBIs. You can catch this game on field 1 @ 10am.


Other Matchups
Bandits Vs Royals – This should be an entertaining game as both teams never shy away from telling the other how good they are or how bad their opponent is playing. Bandits hold the bragging rights for now, edging the Royals previously by a score of 13-11.
Saints Vs Personal – First of all, I want to wish Pete Jr a healthy speedy recovery from his ankle injury. Saints lose an important bat and their top RBI guy. They will need several guys to step up starting with this early game.
Leland Vs Falcons – Falcons failed to put a run on the board in a 6-0 loss against Leland the first time these teams were matched up. They hope the results are different this time around.
Royals Vs Emperors – This is always an interesting matchup as both teams love to beat the other. Emps have the advantage this season by already beating the Royals by a 10-1 score. Royals will be looking to even the score.
Personal Vs Stem – Tied up in just about every category in the standings, this game is important for both teams. Stem has played in several close battles this season. This one should be no different.
Stem Vs Gold – Stem has not fared well against the Gold this season. They will need to play better all around to avoid another mercy rule outcome.
Ravens Vs Bandits – Bandits edged the Ravens in their first meeting, 7-4. This game starts the three consecutive games the Ravens are scheduled for on Sunday. Each game will be as important as the next.
Emperors Vs Saints – Emps blanked the Saints, 5-0, in their first matchup and will be looking to do it again as they try to hang on to third place and look to catch the two teams ahead of them.
Emperors Vs Leland – Leland edged the Emps, 6-4 last time they were matched up in the season. If Vido continues the set the table for the big bats as he has done so far this season, the results might be different this time.
Falcons Vs Ravens – Ravens have been hot as of late, winning 6 of their last 8 games. Nelson and Al Jr have been their run producers, both have 11 RBIs and are tied for the team lead. Falcons will need to keep guys off the bases before these two get up to bat.
Bandits Vs Personal – Last week, these two were matched up and the game ended in a scoreless tie. This time around, both teams will be looking to put up several crooked numbers on the score sheet.
Saints Vs Ravens – Ravens edged the Saints, 3-0, last week when these two teams were matched up the first time. Another close game might benefit the Saints this time.
Stem Vs Royals – Royals outscored Stem by 7 runs in their first meeting. Stem will need to pickup some run production from their players to keep up with the high scoring Royals.

See you on the Blvd!
– Ron