Week 6 Preview

Game of the Week
Gold Vs Leland – This game is actually a make-up game from May 19th. Separated by one win, Gold will try to hold off Leland in this game to hang on to the #1 spot in the league. This matchup will be played at the end of the day on the isolated field #3.

Remaining games
Gold Vs Stem – Gold has been their dominant selves during the past few weeks while Stem has been hit or miss. Last week it seemed that Stem missed Skylar. Hopefully he is around this week to help his team.
Saints Vs Diamondbacks – Saints are coming off a bad week going 0-2, while the Dbacks have played their best last week and were 2-0-1. If the Dbacks can keep their bats alive, they can definitely win this game.
Leland Vs Bandits – The Bandits have showed the league that they can play with any team in this league when they are playing as a unit. They will need that unity if they plan on beating the league’s 2nd highest scoring team.
Bandits Vs Diamondbacks – This is an interesting matchup of two evenly matched squads. The favorite is difficult to choose. If I had to choose one, I would pick the surging Dbacks.
Royals Vs Ravens – Both teams have woken up ad are ready to battle. This should be a great matchup and probably the 2nd game of the week, well, if we had one.
Saints Vs Emperors – Saints beat the Emps in their previous regular season meeting and hope for the same results this time around. Playing on field #3 benefits the long ball hitting Emps.
Ravens Vs Leland – Both teams have taken advantage of the homers hit on Field #1 and you can probably expect a few more in this game. Al Jr has been the Raven’s hottest hitter at this point of the season.
Emperors Vs Stem – Emperors are favored in this game especially based on the way Stem played last week. A quick turnaround is expected for the young Stem.
Gold Vs Royals – Oh boy, this is always one of the league’s most trash talking games when these two teams play. The team that lets their bats do most of the talking will be the winner.

Make-up games (Wk 4-May 19th)
Saints Vs Stem – This is a matchup of two struggling teams. Saints will have to wait a game before playing this one. Will the wait cool the squad off? Stem certainly hopes so!
Royals Vs Diamondbacks – After a day of difficult matchups, the Royals will have to stay focused in this game. The Dbacks will be hoping to complete a similar day as the one they had last week.
Gold Vs Leland – See the Game of the Week
See you on the Blvd!