Week 7 Preview – GOTW- Gold vs Royals

Game of the Week- The Gold (8-4) vs Royals (7-3-2)

The Gold offense was quiet in week 7 scoring just one run, but their defense kept them in the win column as they only gave up 2 runs on the day.  The Royal offense awoke from their slumber and reasserted themselves as the leagues top offense.  The Gold is looking to get even in the season series as they dropped the first game against the Royals in week 2.  Carlitos and Stevie have led the Gold offense, while the “Three Brothers”, Eric, Ruben, and Kevin are 1,2, and 3 in the league in hits.  Eric is hitting a whopping .610 to lead the league and Ruben is tied for the league lead with 17 RBI.
Devils (3-7-2) vs Ravens (1-9-2)- The Ravens took a step in right direction and came out of week 6 with 2 ties. The Devils, on the other hand, lost two ugly games last week and continued to slide and have now dropped 6 straight games.  The last game the Devils won way back in week 3 against the Ravens.  The Ravens are slowly getting back to full strength and are led by Ed Brunson who is third in the league in batting avg. at .559. The Devils are led by Cooks who is hitting .541. 
Royals (7-3-2) vs Ravens (1-9-2)-  Both the Ravens and Royals will be playing their second game of the day in this one and both hope to be gunning for their second win.  The Royals took the first game of the year between these two, but the Ravens beat them in the Memorial day tournament. Both teams are very familiar with each other and regardless of record, this one should be very entertaining. 
Devils (3-7-2) vs Leland (8-1-3)-  Leland has been the leagues hottest teams and hasn’t lost since week 1.  This will be the Devils second game and they hope to have shed their recent losing streak by the time this game starts.  Leland has gotten to the top spot in the league using their trademark combo of both power and good defense.  Dave is leading Leland with 21 hits while Ferdi is tied for the league lead in RBI’s with 17. The Devils will have to find a way to keep Dave off the bases so that Ferdi can’t knock him in.
D’Backs (3-7-2) vs Saints (4-5-3)– The Saints are finally coming around. Their offense found a way to avoid a loss with a 7th inning comeback, and then their defense propelled to a victory with shut out against the Gold. After winning 2 games in week 5, the D’Backs took a step back and were shutout in both games in week 6.  The D’Backs have had the Saints number recently and hope some of that good karma finds them in this game.  The Saints are led by Gil, who leads the team with 22 hits, and Pete Jr. who is second in the league with 15 RBI’s.  Martin is the key to the D’Back offense and leads them in both hits and RBI. 
Emperors (6-4-2) vs The Gold (8-4)- Anytime these two teams there is a potential for lots of talking between them, which is usually backed up with stellar play of the field.  The Emperors were the only team to win 2 games in week 7 and will look to continue their good play.  Their first match-up was a one sided affair as the Gold won in a convincing manner and shut the Emperors out.  The Gold offense was quite last week, but as they have shown all year, the big inning can happen at any moment.  Vido leads the Emperors with 20 hits and Caban leads the team in RBI’s.
D’Backs (3-7-2) vs Leland (8-1-3)- The D’Backs will have a tough match-up ahead of them in this game.  Leland has been the league hottest team and they are in mid-season form.  These two teams last met in week 2 and the game ended in a tie.  The D’Backs know they can play with anyone in the league, so they must shake off last weeks poor performance and get back to playing smart stickball.  Only 4 points separate first place through third, so Leland will be looking to keep widen their slim lead.
Saints (4-5-3) vs Emperors (6-4-2)-  The Emperors and Saints are both tied for third in offense, but what separates these two teams is the Emperors defense.  The last time these two teams met back in week 3 they ended in a tie.  Both teams had performed well in week 6 and only one will continue to keep rolling.  Four points separate these two teams in the standings and the Emperors will look to extended the distance between them.
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