Week 7 Recaps

Game of the Week

Royals 2 Vs Ravens 2 – A game can’t be more evenly matched than this. Nelson hit a solo HR for the Ravens and Chris hit a solo shot of his own for the Royals. Ralphy drove in the other Royals run, going 2-3. Brunson, 3-4, 1 RBI, drove in the other run for the Ravens.

Other Matchups
Emperors 9 Vs Personal 3 – Emps led this one the entire way until a late rally put some runs on the board for Personal. Caban hit 2 HR’s and had 3 RBIs. Rich and Vido also hit a HR each. Pedro was Personal’s lone bright spot, going 3-4.
Bandits 7 Vs Falcons 4 – Falcons were back to full strength this week and even received run production. Unfortunately, they fell a bit short as Bandits were able to hit their way to a win. Bambino and Lenny both hit HR’s and drove in a combined 5 runs. For the Falcons, Chris drove in 2 runs and Al and Markie drove in a run each.
Royals 7 Vs Saints 0 – Royals win via forfeit, Saints forfeited 3 games this week.
Emperors 11 Vs Bandits 4 – Emperors explode with 19 total hits. Ricky was 4-5, with a HR and 4 RBIs. Ant drove in 3 runs, going 4-5. Melvin was 3-4 for the Bandits, driving in 3 runs in the losing effort.
Gold 7 Vs Falcons 2 – Gold’s first game of the day goes well as predicted earlier. For the Falcons, Tony was 2-3, Al and Alex drove in a run each. Carlito was 2-4 with 2 RBIs, Ralph was 2-3 with 2 RBIs for the Gold. This marked Ralph’s first game on the Blvd this season. WELCOME BACK RALPH!
Stem 7 Vs Saints 0 – Stem won by a forfeit.
Leland 3 Vs Stem 0 – Leland earns another shutout, their 9th of the season. Edwin was 3-4 in the game for Leland and Warren, Jay and Russell each drove in a run. Stem only had 2 hits, one by David and one by Skylar.
Gold 2 Vs Personal 0 – Gold edged Personal in a tight game. Personal played good defense but could not put enough hits together to score a run. Stats were not entered at the time of this post.
Falcons 7 Vs Saints 0 – Falcons win by forfeit.
Ravens 2 Vs Leland 0 – The second 2-0 score of the day, this time between two quality teams. Russell drove in both of Leland’s runs. The Ravens wasted Al Jr’s perfect 3-3 day by not driving in a run.
Gold 11 Vs Royals 5 – Royals jumped ahead in the first inning scoring 3 runs. After that, the Gold woke up and dropped double digits on the Royals. Several stats need to be corrected for this game so I will not highlight anyone for the sake of fairness.

See you on the Blvd!
– Ron